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Words from the author

Dr Doom from Driver madness has given me some news about driver... Nice site here's the link. I have also updated the links on the left.

We've past the 10th anniversary since my last post. Where was i ? I was sleeping under a rock !.  Is there anyone still using driver, does it run on win 7 ? Let me know if i should revamp this site,cause there 's a couple of links that does not seems to work (to say the least). I have to look and find the source code for DMC, which is still under the rock.
I've also made another site, for another project, you can take a look here :

Yup, still nothing. I definitively work more on my computer in the winter than in the summer. In summer i like outdoor activities. I will release another version of DMC, even if it is just for me, but no date are planned for now and i don't want to feel pressure for that, after all i'm doing this for fun. Features added will be based mostly on the vote i will have received at that time.  There are two new sounds in the sounds section. For those in need of some hints on how to fine tune your missions or tweak it a bit, i remember you that you can use the OnLine Manual to look at verbs you may did'nt know existed ! 

Well, that version is still not out, but it will be. I just have to find some time and most of my free time is used with my new gadget "Nitro Rustler", you can take a look at it here .   Also please note, there are 4 new great missions in the Missions Section.  Till then let's have fun playing Driver.

I will be posting a new release of DMC soon. Just to let let you know i'm still there. 

I have added a new mission in the Mission Share section 'Hot Pursuit', what about a chase mission without Time limit : It's you or Him ! Also 3.09 r2, yes there was a glich, the object 2Num was not working with ModelTargetRange.

Here it goes : Version 3.09. There is 27 new commands added. You can look at the Driver movies with the 'QuickRender' command.. Make sure you have enough pop corn. There's a lot of commands i have'nt tested within Driver, if you find any discrepenties, please leave me a note. The way DMC ask you for the Driver Folder the first time you install is also change to simplify the task.  Have fun !

Hi everyone,  I am still there.  I'm sorry to be late on the update of this page but i had to take a brake. My work is keeping me busy. However i should be able to put a new release this week-end. I had some bug report that i should be adressing on the new release..

Welcome to the new millenium ! Hi everyone, just a word to let you know that i'm am back from the christmas vacation. Expect DMC 3.09 soon. If you have any suggestion for future release, please send me an email. 

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What's new in this version :

V3.09 r2 2/6/2000

Object 2Num was corrected

V3.09 2/6/2000

Added 27 commands in DMC 
PayBack Mission, Mission Window, Effects, Events, Dash Message, Lamp
Installation simplified (Property window)
Help Manual : Updated

V3.08 12/5/99
Added 26 commands in DMC Cops,Sounds Missions : Ghost ,Chopper, ModelBonus, Dodgy Car, Puppy Dog,
Fixed : Variable selection (color), DamageBar
Help Manual : Updated

V3.07 11/30/99
Added 12 commands in DMC Timers, Players, Target
Added Target Arrow id
Fixed : Target Arrow from Simple Editor
Fixed : One line edition from Map Selection
Help Manual : Updated

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