Let our light so shine before men ambassadors of our Father's family as we go forth to proclaim the glad tidings, put our trust in the Father. In kindness and with mercy minister to all who are in distress and in need.

Love our enemies, do good to those who hate us, bless those who curse us, and pray for those who despitefully use us. And whatsoever we believe that Jesus would do to men, do we also to them. Be merciful, even as God is merciful, and in the eternal future of the family we shall be perfect, even as our heavenly Father is perfect.

We are on earth not to judge but to love each other. Discern the truth clearly; live the righteous life fearlessly; we must ourselves walk in the clear light of living truth.

In gaining an entrance into the family of heaven, it is the motive that counts. Our Father looks into the hearts of men and women and judges by their inner longings and their sincere intentions.

We must start out afresh as little children and be willing to trust Jesus' teaching and believe in God, and to write these new commandments on the tablets of our hearts.

The spiritual family demands of us a righteousness that shall exceed the righteousness of those who seek to obtain the Father's favor by almsgiving, prayer, and fasting.

If we would enter the family, we must have a righteousness that consists in love, mercy, and truth--the sincere desire to do the will of our Father in heaven.

We shall return good for evil. The spiritual children must not strive with men, but be gentle toward all; mercy always shall determine our judgments and love our conduct. Do our good deeds in secret; lay not up for ourselves treasures on earth, but by our unselfish service lay up for ourselves treasures in heaven, for where our treasures are, there will our hearts be also.

The Father desire his childrens, to live in the world that men, by seeing their lives, would become family conscious and hence be led to inquire of believers concerning the ways of the spiritual family.

All sincere seekers for the truth are always happy to hear the glad tidings of the faith gift which insures admission to the family with its eternal and divine spirit realities.

Our Father establish personal and eternal relations with men and women which should forever take precedence over all other human relationships. The supreme duty of the spiritual children is expressed in two great privileges: sincere worship of the infinite Creator, the Paradise Father, and loving service bestowed upon one's fellow men and women. If we love our neighbor as God loves us, we really know that we are sons and daughters of God.

Much, very much of our happiness, depends upon our willingness to be led and directed by the Father's spirit which lives within us. Much of our sorrow is born of the disappointment of our ambitions and the wounding of our pride. Although we owe a duty to ourselves to make the best of our lives on earth, having thus sincerely exerted ourselves, we should cheerfully accept our lot and exercise ingenuity in making the most of that which has fallen to our hands. Seek not, then, for false peace and transient joy but rather for the assurance of faith and the sureties of divine sonship which yield composure, contentment, and supreme joy in the spirit.

Our Father in Paradise does rule a universe of universes by the compelling power of his love. Love is the greatest of all spirit realities. Truth is a liberating revelation, but love is the supreme relationship. The ultimate goal of human progress is the reverent recognition of the fatherhood of God and the loving materialization of the brotherhood of man.

Because our Father is a God of love and delights in the practice of mercy, do not imbibe the idea that the service of the family is to be one of monotonous ease. The Paradise ascent is the supreme adventure of all time, the rugged achievement of eternity.

The service of the spiritual family on earth will call for all the courageous manhood that we can muster. It is easy to die in the line of physical battle when our courage is strengthened by the presence of our fighting comrades, but it requires a higher and more profound form of human courage and devotion calmly and all alone to lay down our life for the love of a truth enshrined in our mortal heart. The highest and supreme bravery is uncompromising loyalty to the enlightened convictions of profound spiritual realities. And such courage constitutes the heroism of the God-knowing man and woman.

All things are sacred in the lives of those who are spirit led; that is, subordinated to truth, ennobled by love, dominated by mercy, and restrained by fairness--justice. Shall our lives become the fact of real experience which testifies that God has found us, idealized, ennobled, and spiritualized us, and that we have enlisted in the eternal adventure of finding the God who has thus found and sonshipped us.

The spiritual children could not stand still; he must go forward in righteousness to strive for the attainment of the full stature of divine sonship in the communion of the spirit and in the fellowship of believers.

Entrance into the spiritual family is wholly free, but progress--growth in grace--is essential to continuance therein.

Eternal life is the gift of the Father and is revealed by his Sons. Acceptance by faith on our part makes us a partaker of the divine nature, a son or a daughter of God. By faith we are justified; by faith are we saved; and by this same faith are we eternally advanced in the way of progressive and divine perfection.

We cannot buy eternal life; we cannot earn righteousness. Eternal life is the gift of God, and righteousness is the natural fruit of the spirit-born life of sonship in the spiritual family. We are not to be saved because we live a righteous life; rather is it that we live a righteous life because we have already been saved, have recognized sonship as the gift of God and service in the family as the supreme delight of life on earth.The spiritual children hunger for righteousness and thirst for divine perfection.

We must not only cease to do evil but learn to do well; we must not only be cleansed from all conscious sin, but we must refuse to harbor even the feelings of guilt.

While the spiritual children has his roots of origin and being in the animal soil of human nature, can by faith raise his spiritual nature up into the sunlight of heavenly truth and actually bear the noble fruits of the spirit.

Let every man and woman make sure that the intellectual and moral foundations of character are such as will adequately support the superstructure of the enlarging and ennobling spiritual nature, which is thus to transform the mortal mind and then, in association with that re-created mind, is to achieve the evolvement of the soul of immortal destiny.

Our spirit nature, the jointly created soul, is a living growth; but the mind and morals of the individual are the soil from which these higher manifestations of human development and divine destiny must spring. The soil of the evolving soul is human and material, but the destiny of this combined creature of mind and spirit is spiritual and divine.

The spiritual children is certain of salvation; he is unafraid of life; he is honest and consistent. He knows how bravely to endure unavoidable suffering; he is uncomplaining when faced by inescapable hardship.

The true believer does not grow weary in well-doing just because he is thwarted. Difficulty whets the ardor of the truth lover, while obstacles only challenge the exertions of the undaunted family builder.

It is not the purpose of faith merely to bring peace but rather to insure progress. And there can be no peace in the heart or progress in the mind unless we fall wholeheartedly in love with truth, the ideals of eternal realities. The issues of life and death are being set before us--the sinful pleasures of time against the righteous realities of eternity. Even now we should begin to find deliverance from the bondage of fear and doubt as we enter upon the living of the new life of faith and hope.

And when the feelings of service for our fellow men and women arise within our soul, do not stifle them; when the emotions of love for our neighbor well up within our heart, give expression to such urges of affection in intelligent ministry to the real needs of our fellows.

Spiritual greatness consists in an understanding love that is Godlike; in what we attempt our purpose must be pure, our motive divine, our ideal spiritual, our ambition altruistic; our procedure must be based on love, and our goal of attainment must be in accordance with the will of the Father in heaven. And we can do neither of these, even when their potential is present, without the existence of that essential human factor, the personal experience of the possession of living faith.

For whosoever would save his life selfishly, shall lose it, but whosoever loses his life for the spiritual family, shall save it. What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his own soul? What would a man give in exchange for eternal life?

There is but one struggle for those who enter the spiritual family, and that is to fight the good fight of faith. The believer has only one battle, and that is against doubt--unbelief. Increasing happiness is always the experience of all who are certain about God.

When a spiritual children once become self-conscious of the assurance of the divine presence, such a faith will expand the mind, ennoble the soul, reinforce the personality, augment the happiness, deepen the spirit perception, and enhance the power to love and be loved.

Those who enter the family are not thereby rendered immune to the accidents of time or to the ordinary catastrophes of nature. Faith will not prevent getting into trouble, but it will insure that we shall be unafraid when trouble does overtake us. Jesus did not promise to deliver us from the waters of adversity, but he did promise to go with us through all of them.