The spiritual family shall include the worshiping souls of all men and women, for our Father is no respecter of persons; his love and his mercy are over all.

The Father in heaven sends his spirit to indwell the minds of all men and women. His spirit and the Spirit of Truth of his Son shall establish us in the family of spiritual understanding and divine righteousness. This family is not material;we shall enter the family of heaven by our moral decisions and by our spirit victories; and when we once enter therein, we shall find joy, righteousness, and eternal life.

Those who first seek to enter the family, thus beginning to strive for a nobility of character like that of our Father, shall presently possess all else that is needful. But unless we seek entrance into the family with the faith and trusting dependence of a little child, we shall in no wise gain admission.

This family is even now among us, for where the spirit of God teaches and leads the soul of man or woman, there in reality is the family of heaven. And this family of God is righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit.

Only those who seek perfection through service, that he who would be great in the spiritual family must first become server of all.

This celestial family is like a seed growing in the good soil of a field. It does not attain full fruit quickly. There is an interval of time between the establishment of the family in the soul of man and woman and that hour when the family ripens into the full fruit of eternal life; a life of progressive righteousness and increasing joy in the perfecting service of the Father who is in heaven. For has not the Father said of his children of the world, "It is my will that they should eventually be perfect, even as I am perfect."

And whatever it shall cost us in the things of the world, no matter what price we may pay to enter the family of heaven, we shall receive manyfold more of joy and spiritual progress in this world, and in the age to come eternal life. The family of heaven is at hand, and all who enter therein shall find abundant liberty and joyous salvation.

This family is an everlasting dominion. Those who enter into it shall ascend to our Father; they will certainly attain the right hand of his glory in Paradise. And all who enter the family of heaven shall become the sons and daughters of God, and in the age to come so shall they ascend to the Father, faith, the gift of God, as the price of entrance into the family of heaven. If we would but believe that the Father loves us with an infinite love, then we are in the family of God.

The power of this family consists in the glory of the divine spirit that comes to teach the minds and rule the hearts of the reborn childrens of this heavenly family, the sons and daughters of God.

This is the brotherhood of love wherein righteousness reigns, and whose battle cry shall be: "Peace on earth and good will to all men and women." This family is the desire of the good men and women of all ages, the hope of all the earth, and the fulfillment of the wise promises of all the prophets.

Faith alone will pass us through its portals, but we must bring forth the fruits of our Father's spirit if we would continue to ascend in the progressive life of the divine fellowship. Shall enter the kingdom of heaven only he who does the will of our Father who is in heaven.

Seek first the family of God and his righteousness, and in finding these, all other things essential to eternal survival shall be secured therewith. This family is God within us.

Whosoever would become great in the spiritual family shall become a minister to all; and whosoever would be first among us, let him become the server of his brethren. But when we are once truly received in the heavenly family, we are no longer servants but sons and daughters, of the living God.

And so shall this family progress in the world until it shall break down every barrier and bring all men and women to know our Father and believe in the saving truth of his love. And it will not be so much by the words we speak as by the lives we live that the world will know we are in the spiritual family.

The family of heaven consists in these three essentials: first, recognition of the fact of the sovereignty of God; second, belief in the truth of sonship with God; and third, faith in the effectiveness of the supreme human desire to do the will of God--to be like God. By faith, every mortal may have all these essentials of salvation.

Verily, when the Father's will is our law, we are hardly in the family. But when the Father's will becomes truly our will, then are we in very truth in the family because the family has thereby become an established experience in us.

The family of heaven must begin with, and be centered in, the dual concept of the truth of the fatherhood of God and the correlated fact of the brotherhood of man. The acceptance of such a fact liberate man from the age-long bondage of animal fear and at the same time enrich human living with the endowments of the new life of spiritual liberty.

The spiritual family is in itself a new standard of moral values, a new ethical yardstick wherewith to measure human conduct. It portray the ideal of a resultant new order of human society. In teaching the pre-eminence of the spiritual compare with the material it glorifies spiritual realities and exalts superhuman ideals.

The celestial family held up spiritual attainment as the true goal of living. Human life received a new endowment of moral value and divine dignity. Our mortal sojourn on earth acquired new meanings consequent upon the recognition of a noble destiny.

The heavenly family's childrens are engage in joyful and voluntary service for their fellow men and women and in the sublime and intelligent worship of God the Father.

The family of heaven is our personal experience of realizing the higher qualities of spiritual living; that these realities of the spirit experience are progressively translated to new and higher levels of divine certainty and eternal grandeur.

The spiritual family is a genuine personal experience which no man can contain within himself; we develop our character by unselfish service and we unfold our moral nature in loving relations with our fellows.