Softwarmneck I unclothe
I am at the back
slip button through
peel away layer to soft skin
my hands cold
do you shiver
want to keep my hands there
             move up against
             surprise you from behind
             wrap you in a kiss.

             Newly collared like my heart
             You enter the door to the other world,
             aloof and evil,
             but I know you, have seen you undone.

             I am the wardrobe with hands they can't see
             to "change your linen"
             and only two nights left
             but so much more to you
             so much more neck

             soft, warm, and it is cold backstage --
             my hands
             do you shiver?

             Open a drawer, you will see
             a bleeding heart
             cold hands, lots of collars --
             let's practice again
             do your collar again
             let me please
             touch your neck.

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