In the Eye of the B-holder

Don't want to see triple J boobs
Sticking out from a body that holds them like a post
Don't need to see cleavage the size of the Grand Canyon
I'm too busy doing important things
like this.

If you just want boobs get a pair of your own
Inflatable ones at Rona hardware
collapse for easy packing and concealment.

An accountant vows that when she gets certified she will get a boob job
And display them at the upcoming office party

Boobs in grade six, enough for a training bra
Boys would come over for a pat
Bra strap a giant X across my back
"She's got 'em."
(When Eve left Eden, this was her burden.)

Chained to Jabba the Hut in a bikini,
Princess Leia kicked ass but wasn't allowed to fly one of those planes
On display, we worry,
but she is safe
Han Solo will unfreeze

Trading in poodle skirt for pumps
Sandra D, nice girl,
Paints herself into something black
Smoking - oral fixation
stubs her cigarette out under Danny's slavering face
Sexually liberated so Danny doesn't have to be a nerd in that dumb letterman
Decolleté, she is worthy of love

Models of womanhood (1977 model, 1978 model), idols of a five year old,
Stopped wearing bikinis around this time
Started looking for my Han Solo to unfreeze
A Danny to fall slavering at my sneakered feet

Boobs and blood branded me
Sneaking into the bathroom in grade six to bleed
Wrapping the old pad in paper
Cute flat-chested girls enter, congregating
I sit in the stall, waiting for them to go
They know

Not interested in boobs
Not interested in seeing boobs
Don't care about boobs
Want to see naked men
Lots of them
Won't rest until I do

Won't rest until a woman can be beautiful fully clothed
Won't rest until a woman can be beautiful because she is
Won't rest until a woman can be loved because she is
Won't rest until I don't see another boob
Unless I want to

Artist Duane Michaels says that the best part of a man's body is the groin,
because of the anticipation for the burning fire below
the best part of a woman's body is her boobs : source, origin of life, home

             (Meringue bras?)

A friend of mine says it's the clavicles, the collar bone

He says to me
Flash your boobs,
I'll be in the mood

I think every part of a man's body is beautiful
I think every plane, every angle
I think earlobes
I think the slow slope of an arm
The curve of the back
The neck

So you want to fuck my boobs, take 'em
But just try punning with my breasts, baking bread, singing a duet

He says tits and ass and shrugs

For this was I put on earth

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