P Word

Women's night. Here we reclaim language, reclaim our parts. We say Penis with relish. We declare we will not be ruled, magically induced, blinded by the Penis anymore. WE ARE FREE. Funny. Everyone laughs. Men are in the audience, laughing too, enjoying our lib-er-a-tion, the way our lips move around "Peeeennnniiiiis," the way we say penis in public without flinching, the fact we are beautiful and strong and saying penis in front of the electric phallis, caught in that moment before fellatio, the spotlight on us fully clothed, the ecstasy of words shooting through us. Don't grovel, don't do it for money, but we reveal a lot. Titillating, it's all in the tongue. Now we strip tease sound, disclose naughty words while $ is tucked into bartenders' hands instead of G-strings. We wear jeans, boots, docs. We think we are speaking a new language, but maybe it is the old one with a new thrust.

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