Field Games

I bring bags of chamomile tea

He says as a child he picked chamomile at his mother's house
(Where?) In the fields.

Chamomile trapped in gauze in a beer stein with hot water

                                       When he wears brown his eyes

He pokes the bag
             "Does chamomile grow around here?"
             Used to me knowing the answers to these kinds of questions

             On the mountain, I say
             (As a child he picked chamomile at his mother's house)

Later when I press him
My head resting next to a plate with coffee grounds
                                                     drenched tea bag
He says Northern Ontario

The chamomile of his eyes hidden under brown
Teasing me, or being poetic

He disappears behind green galvanized plastic with yellow bands
             a different eye
Doesn't take a picture

Held against my eye
It frames his smirk across the table

                                      I can see almost

Chamomile grows everywhere
Next to driveways, in the gravel, on Mount Royal, in fields
Good for stomach disorders, digestive problems, menstrual cramps
A soothing tea before bed

Should talk to him about his mother, he needs to feel safe with me
(I brought chamomile tea without knowing)

Peeping out of gravel words and field games

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