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The main purpose of this group is to provide a way by which all 
lovers of primitive skills can discuss various subjects related to 
wilderness ways.


Topics which you are ENCOURAGED to discuss with other group 
members are:

1. All primitive wilderness living skills such as shelter, fire,
cordage, primitive tanning, natural foods, primitive living,  
primitive rafts & boats, primitive direction finding, primitive 
trapping techniques, weapons for wilderness survival, primitive 
hygiene, protection from insects, primitive weather prediction, 
fighting cold, primitive medicine, traditional dog sledding etc.

2. Subjects related to modern realistic wilderness survival, such as 
surviving when lost in the wilderness, or surviving unexpected 
emergencies after airplane crashes, broken down snowmobiles etc. , 
are also welcome.

Please note:

Discussions should be restricted to PRIMITIVE SKILLS only.

By SKILLS discussion, we mean sharing "How-to" information which 
help group members learn how to accomplish a particular physical 
task which is useful in a wilderness setting. 

By PRIMITIVE discussion, we mean sharing info on skills which are 
possible in the short term using only materials found in nature, or at 
least available in the average recreational hiker's backpack.

Topics which you are DISCOURAGED from discussing with other group 
members are:

1. Topics dealing with religious, spiritual, persuasion, or belief-
based concerns.  For example, we do NOT wish to discuss subjects 
dealing with dowsing, natural apparitions, psychology, philosophy, 
gurus, prophets, spiritual leaders, or the particular styles or 
approaches of any particular survival expert. 

2. Topics dealing with warfare.  For example, we do NOT wish to 
discuss subjects dealing with explosives, survival fighting, revenge, 
combat methods, and so on.

3. Topics dealing with political or environmental issues.  For 
example, we do NOT wish to discuss subjects dealing with whether 
it is right or wrong to kill animals, or whether a wilderness area 
should be protected, and so on.

All members are asked to help "enforce" the above guidelines with 
regards to topics of discussion.  


1. Unsollicited advertising of any kind by non-members will be 
severely frowned upon by all group members.

2. Unsollicited advertising of a service or product by members which 
is DIRECTLY RELATED to primitive skills may be acceptable as long 
as it is sent ONCE ONLY and for informational purposes only.

3. In direct answer to a question, reference to commercial sources 
of information, services or products is OK.

4. Personal opinion or judgment of members on a particular 
commercial product or service is much preferred to sending 
advertisement on same.


This is a high volume list, and current group members have asked 
that the following etiquette guidelines be followed whenever 

1. Please always rename subject headers when replying so that the 
header always matches the content of the message (helps store 

2. Please stick to one subject per message (helps store archives).

3. Please send "I agree with you", "Thank you", and "Bravo" messages 
which have no actual content through private E-mail (these are 
important, but clutter the list too much).  

4. When replying, please quote only the passage which permits to 
follow the discussion, not the entire previous message (facilitates 
reading replys).

5. Note that there are two Reply-to addresses when you send a reply. 
One for the group, and one for the sender.  Please delete one of the 
two (so the sender doesn't receive double messages).

6. Please keep signature files as small as possible (4-5 lines max).

7. Please avoid sending "funnies only" messages to the group.  We all 
appreciate a good joke, and even more so when it is part of a 
message which has content too (prevents list clutter).

8. Please read at least the primitive-skills archive headers so you 
don't ask a question which has already been answered.

9. It is a good idea to read the introductions archive so you have an 
idea of who's who in the group.

The archives can be found at the following location:


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