Famille et amis / Family and friends

Max's return 2006

Cousin Stephanie


Guillaume, Max, Liam, Liam's new partner, Kelly et Eric

Left to right: Formando Comprido, Prof Kiki (U-S-A), Galan, Mestre Cabeludo (Brazil), Prof Joao (Quebec)

Au batizado (capoeira) avec Liam, Guillaume et Sacha, Maxim Comprido et Mestre Cabeludo

Nicholas Young and Liam Dougherty at Canadians 2004

   Ex-girlfriend Mylene
Kelly M.  2005

With my friend and neighbor Maxime the basketball player
 Marianne Dubuc a great junior champion

 Evans, Maxim and friends

Bus ride in Norway

 Canadians in Norway 2000

 Jocelyne Leduc, Isablle Pieman and Max

Hotel in Chemnitz ex-girlfriend Jaelle  Nicholas Young  Ex-girlfriend Amber G.  Evans Lysacek and Maxim at Thornhill's NACS 1999   ex-girlfriend Camille