CHRYSLER Airflow 1934
CADILLAC Touring 1926
CADILLAC Eldorado Brougham 1957-58
CADILLAC Convertible 1966
CITROEN Traction Avant
FERRARI 250 GT Lusso
PONTIAC Fiero GT 1988
IMPERIAL 1955-56
IMPERIAL 1981-83
LOTUS Europe Serie 1
MG Midget
MG TF 1500
MORGAN 4/4 Competition 1968
PIERCE ARROW Roadster 1929
ROLLS ROYCE Phantom II 1934
STANLEY Steamer 1924

AUTOMOBILESFor over a hundred years, cars have fascinated us.

From time to time, a artisan and elitist enterprise, this medium, and it is one, has imposed itself as the world biggest industry, has it often happens, the democratization for what became a way of transport brings it's load of detractors and also the questions relative to the use of a perfectible tool in masses.

Within the last twenty years we have seen the planets ecological consciousness worry of that phenomenon that increases non stop, in almost uncontrollable proportions... Then came the industrialized country's measures that were meant to eliminate the race for power and speed, supposedly for security reason, pollution and other gluttony.

To be honest with you, it came to late but I do agree with it, of course it didn't stop the industrialized country's to covet with these potential markets and sale them there products. Think of china for a instant, knowing very well that to be able to sale cars at a affordable price, there will no question for catalysts or other technical sophistication... So?

Without any doubt today's cars are much better than ever: Via the Saint-Marketing, the technology and industrialization incited the cars-makers to built reliable, economic and well constructed cars... All of that for millions of copies. This exactly where it hurts to such a dosage how wouldn't get discourage ? Think of many Claudia Shiffer... Few thousand maybe ?

The " edge design " and what not, they can only end up along the sidewalk with the other luxurious and fashionable one's that will only attract the eye's of the pedestrian true it's brief youth. Let us take a look at the exotic expensive one's meaning the rare one's (!) in our streets to understand to which point the modern Homo Sapiens is still astonished in front of them.

In the same fashion, the vintage automobiles, sometimes not so vintage, attracts crowds. Moreover, astonish the after war "popular" one's are more praised that of the "Bourgeois's" luxurious one's. For this edifying matter, Volkswagen Beetle company has reedited a modern version, just like the Mini ( always and still in production and sold for an astronomical price, considering the competition ). How not to be surprise to see the 55-56-57 Chevrolet amateurs just turning away from the sumptuous Imperial of the 50's and 60's. As for as the prestigious sports cars are concern, how one should react looking at the astronomical prices that some Ferrari's have reached. Meanwhile Maserati is indifferent for it's qualities have nothing to envy.

We are inviting you to a non pretentious ride around some cars that we owned, own or knew, without any discrimination what so ever for those how do not appear on this site... ( there are many ! ).