Two most powerful media spheres orbit the origin of sensual perception on a common plane. 
Audio Art
will explore the possibilities and move to the boundaries of digital creation in unique and innovative ways. 

The Fabulous I-Sound & Light Machine

A Shockwave console that allows users to select, mix and control sound loops in an interactive environment.  It will eventually be possible to create one's own library of instruments, sounds and even add animations.

Shockwave player is required.  Available at Macromedia

Machine is a Demo version.  Advanced functionality will be available in new version releases. 

has been around for a while.  Still, its a good way to enjoy or pass along a creation.  The best part of playing with MIDI is being able to sequence for an entire ensemble without any inconvenience whatsoever.  Recording a performance using a midi controller suitable for the instrument being played is an entirely acceptable way of creating music. 

Original Material
by often unknown music artists will be featured in the AVMX Audio Art section. 

Visual Art
are also used in the visual medium.  Catering to short bandwidth applications, libraries of tiny but useful visual elements will be developed by various visual artists for use by websmiths and videographers alike. 

visual art will be of particular importance here and in the world of digital media.  A blank chunk of space and time is just begging to be filled.  It promises to be an inetersting journey. 

Using Colour
How to work with colour.  Various palette schemes will be explored, developed and used.  NTSC colour palettes for TV and VHS/SVHS, Websafe palettes for the Net, low bit colour for fast animation.  Is there more?. 

Imagination and technique.  Product by selected artists.

is the new dimension in visual art.  Through this door lie the way to VR

content creation and development by selected artists. 

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