The Information Structure Plane and Why its Existence is as Important as Our Own

It could be objectly stated that humans have excelled in their ability to devise means by which to pass on information.  Language, mathematics, music and visual arts are forms of expression that are  foremost in the human ability to contain and confer vital information, both for and about our existence. 

The human information base is what remains of the totality of recorded expression after the passage of time.  There must have been a point at the beginning of recorded history when the information base was much smaller.  Oral tradition was then used to pass on information.  As structured language evolved, standards were established and maintained.  Scribes became able to record and copy information in such a way that would benefit those who would come after, so long as those who came after remained linked to the established standards.  Eventually, as the thread of human knowledge and experience grew, the information base grew even larger. 

The ability to preserve information for future retrieval continues to be of singular importance.  Incredible developments continue to occur in the human effort to capture and pass on information.  Technological advancements are now providing the oportunity for the preservation of a virtual sea of information.   There have been and continue to be vast improvements in the quality of the information package.  From carving symbols  with steel chisels into large stones we have evolved to grafting fine surfaces with the fine beams of light.  Vast amounts of data can be infinitely replicated and linked to a resilient and hopefuly enduring interconnected structure.  Our objective unchanged from that of ancient teachers and recorders of the human story, we are now embarking on a course that should take us to a time and place where the information base behaves and resembles the processes of biology themselves. 

Media art and science are helping in building the foundation for a structure that may one day rival those of the great pyramids of Egypt.  Without diminishing the value of more traditional forms of art, new media art and science enhance the artist's toolbox, extend the horizon of what is possible and pose some interesting challenges all at the same time. 

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