What do CDs and the Great Pyramids of Egypt have in common?

Is there a common objective?  Are they somehow parallel efforts?

The Information Structure Plane and Why its Existence is as Important as Our Own

AVMX Puts up a Page

Finally a structure, an adequate vessel, the portal that will contain a trove of curiosities emanating from an ancient but familiar creative spirit.  

The page is just starting to come together.  

Welcome world!  

Featured on the intro page, the MIDI version of Twirling a Miracle
from the mixed mode CD of the same title.

Higher level sound card is recommended (620 vs 220)

What could be better than HDTV?

Rainbow Maker aims to bring about an improvement in the quality of the dynamic image experience.  

More precisely, we focus on light to arrive at superior color (higher gamut) and  greater dynamic range of light intensity. 

This should produce improvements in the quality of image, a prerequisite to effective VR. 

Read the text while viewing the animation. 
  952 KB

Flapping Flight

A dream that captures the imagination is still alive.  Known for her involvement in Project O at U of Toronto, Ornithopter pilot Patricia Jones-Bowman launches her own conceptual flapping wing prototype Nightingale
AVMX has some ideas of its own concerning human kind's involvement with flight.  When it comes to aiming high, why be shy.  More on that later.  


In the Art and   Technology sections and eventually in every other section on this site, technologies that exploit the advantages of digital media will be studied, used and enjoyed. 

Finding interactive solutions for the arts with progressive and accessible technology is what AVMX is all about.  Macromedia's Shockwave platform is one that fits right in.  


With strong vocal abilities and a particular talent for lyrics, Thaly releases her first CD. 

Hopefully we will be the first to showcase this promising new talent and some of the fine work she has been doing. 


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