The Rainbow Maker was conceived to remove some limitations inherent in conventionally adopted visual technologies. 

Here are some advantages of this system: 

Safe viewing light source

Steady light without refresh flicker

Higher gamut light colour 

Wider light intensity range 

Pixel arrangement can be molded to any shape for surround viewing.  (spheres, semi-spheres, headgear)

Space between pixels can be used for other channels that can 'look back' and record the viewer.  These channel spaces can even be used to re-create atmospheric kinetics. (blowing air, odours, water)

The system is also able to 'translate' data for backwards compatibility with existing visual recordings.

The assembly shown in the animation is a single sub component of an array of identical sub components.   Because there are a limited number of viewing pixels which can be produced by a single LCD panel, the fibers allow the creation of an array of such assemblies that function seamlessly together as a single viewing surface.  The viewing surface does not need to be flat.  It can be concave, convex or even cubic.   

The animation provided here is a visual simplification of the ideas contained in the patent application filed with  the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) in 1994.  This is believed to be an early date for this leading edge technology.


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