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Ghislain Barbe works as senior artist at Montreal based videogame company Artificial Mind & Movement (A2M) and previously at Digital Concept (DC) Studios canadian office. Before entering the gaming industry, He's worked over 7 years for Montreal-based roleplaying book publisher Dream Pod 9. As lead designer, he has created for them the visual universe of properties such as Tribe 8, Jovian Chronicles and mainly Heavy Gear, which became 2 Activision PC games and a TV series by Mainframe. Responsible of the design of the tower of Loto-Quebec's first interactive lotery Les trésors de la tour, he has also developped the designs of the characters and did some stroryboarding for the animated TV series Sagwa The Chinese Siamese Cat, based on the works of Amy Tan and produced by Cinegroupe for PBS Kids. He worked as characters designer on other Cinegroupe products like the animated feature Lion of Oz and the Badge of Courage and the animated TV series Pig City. He also collaborated with Cinegroupe Interactive and Sarbakan for which he developped online interactive content. Freelance illustrator and designer, Ghislain has a Master Degree in Film Studies from Laval University, and a Degree in Graphic Design concomitant to a general Degree in Film Studies, History and Sociology.