At the beginning of 1996, bass player Olivier Martin called his old friend, guitarist Patrick Kelly, to see whether he was interested in forming a band. Olivier had just left the surf group, Les Jaguars, with whom he’d been playing since 1993. Patrick was game and the two friends decided to reincarnate the band of «nerdy-looking» musicians in turtle necks, the Baronics, with whom they’d accompanied the singer, Ralph Mashats, a decade earlier. In the mid-80's, Ralph and the Baronics were part of the alternative music scene here in Montreal and throughout the province of Quebec, the band had a hit, «On a marché sur la lune» («They walked on the moon»), and four of their videos played on MusiquePlus, Montreal’s music channel.

       In 1996, drummer Pascal Gingras, of the Montreal underground scene and guitarist, Christian Sylvestre joined the reincarnated Baronics. Then, they decides to rework an extensive repertoire of surf tunes. At the same time, the idea came to them of adapting and arranging certain well-known classical music pieces in surf. Surf connaisseurs affirm that theirs is the first real compilation of instrumental classical surf music.

      That year, the Baronics also met their producer, Michel Laverdière, director of the classical music lavel, ATMA, with whom they recorded, in November 1996, their compilation. It was launched, under the name of Get Bach, in April 1997. Since then, the Baronics have been promoting their album in Montreal, Quebec City and Toronto. They’ve also been playing at «in» parties and clubs, where veteran surf lovers and newcomers alike have become instant fans.

     In the fall of 1997, the Baronics prepared a new compilation of instrumental surf rock numbers called Exposition. The disc, produced in limited quantity, was intented particularly to promote surf at the local level. It came out in February 1998. For 1998, the Baronics have an agenda full of projects, about which you’ll be hearing very soon.

    To be continued...