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plus some places where I like net-surfing.

Jacques Beaudoin


Tanabe Hitoshi'sContrabassHomepage


Zdzislaw Prochownik - Double Bass Bows

Joel Quarrington - Double Bass in Fifths

Dave Holland

Bass frontiers

ClassicWeb Contrabass Page

Home Bass

Harmony Central¨ Main Menu

Marco Accattatis - bassist, composer

Corrado Canonici

Bass Web Relay Chat

Paul Anderson

Bass Is the Place

Basslesson.com's, Ultimate Bass Links

Bassists in the Doghouse


Editions M.J.N.

International Society of Bassists

Double Bass (Upright Bass)

The Libster

rockabilly - Woodchoppers Hall - rockabilly

Paulo Gomes Luthier Workshop -for fine doublebaÉ

Adam's Music Mans And More

Peter Martin's web pages

Arto's String Calculator

Axe Dater


Bass Gear Review Page

Bass Is the Place

Bass Lobster - By Mats Hagervik

Bass Player online

Bass Web Relay Chat

ClassicWeb Contrabass Page

Electric Bass Lessons on the net

Giovanni Bottesini: A Life

Home Bass

JD's Bass Page


A BassSick WebSite for bass players

Ray Brown

The L.A. Bass Exchange

The Official Carol Kaye Web Site

Dave On Bass

Music Porat

MIckey D - One Thin man One big Bass

Bass Club Chicago

Making a Double Bass

Gary Karr / Musician / Amati Productions