Help and informations
     Library hours
Monday to Thursday : 10h00 - 20h30
Friday : 10h00 - 17h00
Saturday : 10h00 - 16h00
From Canada Day to Labour Day the library will be closed on Saturdays.

     To join us
225, boul. Pincourt.
Pincourt, Québec
J7V 9T2
tel. : 514-425-1104
www :

     Info on loans
Maximum : 8 documents ( books, magazines, CDs and DVDs ) including 2 new releases and two audio-visuals.

Renewals and reservations may be made at the library or by accessing your account on line.

CDs and DVDs may not be renewed.

Reservations : $0,25, once notified, you have 3 days to claim your books.

Loan period : 3 weeks

Book drop : available outside after library hours.

- 0,25$ per day per adult's book
- 0,10$ per day per child's book

- 0,15$ per copy

     Purchase suggestions
If the requested book cannot be purchased, our technician will verify it's availability through other library loans.

     Lost or damaged books
The library is not responsible for the book selection of a member under 14 years of age. This responsibility falls upon the parent or guardian.

Please do not try to repair a damaged book, inform the library clerk instead.

Upon entering the library, please leave your bags in the locker.

The library will not be responsible for lost or stolen articles.

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