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About Big Feet Software Projects

Big Feet Software provides Java-based applications, mostly related to Web use and eventually to data acquisition.


About Me

I am Marcel St-Amant, a physicist and geophysicist by training (a BSc and MSc in these fields) and worked as such for the first part of my career. I gradually became more involved in computers then in software development. I am a Sun-Certified Java 2 Programmer.

As hobbies, I did many electronic and optic projects (IR vision system, UV laser, various detectors, remote control and amateur scientific instrumentation, etc). I like to do software for controlling and monitoring various electronic gadgets. I also like to create Java applications. I draw comics (European style, see the About Big Feet Girl).

I have three desktop computers, one is 2 years old and the two others that are at least five years old; all are interconnected through LAN. All of them have a LINUX and a Windows OS installed. I have a flatbed scanner, a cable modem, a dialup modem, a laser printer, a CD writer; these are typical home/office equipment. I have also various gadgets that I connect to my computers through the serial or parallel ports and enjoy experimenting with.


Marcel St-Amant