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About Big Feet Girl

Big Feet Software has a mascot girl named Marcelle. She is the main character who a Big Feet mutant from a Sci-Fi novel that I wrote many years ago in French. The top-left drawing of every page shows the character as a child. On this page, you will find a small gallery of drawings of her from the novel.

Here, the same character, as a full-grown
Big-Feet mutant woman holding her child


Here, the same character in some Sci-Fi novel comic frames:

Encounter with a Fine-Eyes (another mutant type) security guard girl

A giant spaceship, just after leaving Earth

Marcelle (2nd girl from left, sitting) inside the technical monitoring center of the giant spaceship

A small shuttle-survey ship has just landed on the giant spaceship wall,
Marcelle was on board as passenger and sick from space effects



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