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Freeware and Open Source Software

You may download the following software packages:

Freeware Download v.1.0_03: (650 Kb) A Java application that can convert a long HTML document into its multi-segments version, see the HTMLslicer description page. v1.1: (1.15Mb) A Web Snapshot Grabber (a type of web site copier) that is implemented in Java, see WebGrabber description page; the help system is included.

The above applications are freeware but not open source, see the License page.

Open source Software Download v.1.1: (130 Kb) A freeware open source Graph Recorder Java Bean and its tester/demo application; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation. The documentation and the source code are included.

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Commercial Software and Shareware

D&Do Download v.1.1 (1 Mb) provides a GUI-based drag-drop and system clipboard services to non-GUI and non-interactive command line programs, see the D&Do description page. It contains all the files to run D&Do; you unzip it into the directory of your choice. Double-click dragdo.jar to start the application. It also contains a setup.exe file that will configure your Windows desktop environment making D&Do easier to use. It is optional and you may use this setup later.

You may use D&Do unregistered as freeware for non-commercial purposes. For any other use, you need a registration key for each computer (in a Linux-UNIX system, also for each login account). The registration key activates the commercial license of D&Do and unlocks its commercial features (e.g. tagged drops).

D&Do contains four (4) free anonymous registration keys:.

  • Two (2) that are valid in any Windows system that is set to accept English or French characters, from any user.
  • Two (2) that are valid in any Linux system that is set to accept Englich characters, for any user that is logged either as root or as adm.

Extra free anonymous registration keys for Linux users are available here.

For any other extra registration key, for a specific Linux user: $10 U.S. or CAD.


Author: Marcel St-Amant
Big Feet Software
Montreal, Quebec, CANADA.




Marcel St-Amant