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This page contains also some other comments and tips related to the products


General FAQ


General Comments




Q: The included programs are only in Python or in Java. Will scripts of other languages be available?
A: Not from me. The tutorial contains examples of D&Do compatible programs made in other languages; it is only to prove that D&Do can operate with other types of programs. I personally work either in Python or in Java and I do not intend to provide programs in other language.

Q: Will other programs and metascripts be made available?
A: Yes, either from me or from other authors. Please submit your programs. I might publish it on my Web site and, if I do so, it will be with the proper acknowledgment. I will publish only scripts that have a wide range of users. However, D&Do is intended to be used with very specialized scripts where their value is limited to a specialized corporate environment. D&Do helps to reduce the cost of developing graphical user interfaces for such specialized purposes.

Q: Do you provide service in developing specialized programs.
A: Yes, please contact me.

Q: I have a Linux system at home and each member of my family has a login account. Do I have to pay a license for each login account?
A: Yes and no. You can save money by opening a shared account for your family.


General Comments



HTMLslicer FAQ

Q: Can I use HTMLslicer for creating my Web site content from a single long HTML document?
A: Yes. A home page needs to be of a specific name, such as index.html or The only extra operation is to copy one of the HTML file created by HTMLslicer into a file with that specified name for a home page.


General Comments

H1 tags are required.
The HTMLslicer expects that the source document contains <H1> tags, otherwise it will generate this error message:
"ERR: Error while reading the HEAD part"
The "Head" part is the document section that precedes the first <H1> tag, usually, this tag is found after a <BODY> tag.


WebGrabber FAQ

 Q: I added an Internet shortcut into a topic root that contains some already integrated web files but WebGrabber report no extra shortcut item, why?
A: WebGrabber add to its list only shortcut items that are not redundant (i.e. with the same URL) with the previous list of shortcut items. Check the URL of the new Internet shortcut, you will see that already another item has that URL.

Q: I cannot use the Help system during a modal dialog display. How can I view the help documentation?
A: You need to run WebGrabber in two different processes, one with a normal command and one with a special help-server command. See the Readme.txt file for the instructions.

Q: I imported some Web pages with WebGrabber but when I display them, I observe that the Internet is accesses and that the imported Web page takes time to be displayed.
A: You can remove targeted HTML sections (e.g.. embedded Java scripts) with WebGrabber version 1.1. Make sure that the menu item File > Search Delete Enabled is checked, then repeat the List > Optimize List command.


General Comments





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