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 D&Do: It simplifies the use of non-interactive command-line programs and scripts in a graphical desktop environment (e.g. Windows). It increases the productivity of a user doing repetitive tasks, and reduces human error. It is shareware but it includes 4 FREE anonymous registration keys -- see D&Do licenses sub-section.

 HTMLslicer: It slices a long HTML document at its <H1>, <H2> and/or <H3> tags to create multi-page documents and Java help files. It also creates a Table Of Contents and page-to-page navigation hyperlinks. HTMLslicer v1.0 is freeware.

 WebGrabber: It copies a snapshot of many web pages that reference each other through their hyperlinks. It is similar to what is known as a "web site copier" but it works through a collection of Internet shortcuts. It is not web site centric but topic centric. This means that it can be used for a larger variety of purposes. WebGrabber v1.1 is freeware.

 GrRecorder: It is a Java Bean that displays a live graph of time-variable analog values. It simulates some graph-display laboratory instruments such as an oscilloscope or a chart recorder. Note: GrRecorder is not an application, it is a component to be used by Java programmers. GrRecorder is freeware; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License as published by the Open Source Initiative. If you use it, I would like to have feedback.



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