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Welcome to the Big Feet Software Projects Web site.

You will find some Java-based applications and some other stuff. This year (2003) I will concentrate on the development and maintenance of three Java applications (D&Do, WebGrabber and HTMLslicer) and their derivatives. These applications are useful to anybody who browses the Internet and/or creates web pages. D&Do is useful to anybody using a computer.

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February 14, 2007
- D&Do v1.1 release. It can run under Windows and Linux. Many improvements added; mostly related to the user feedback system. It is a very significant improvement from version 1.0. There a good news and bad news that come with this new release.
- The good news: D&Do v1.1 is a shareware that includes four (4) free anonymous registration keys. They enable anyone to use D&Do at its full capability under most conditions, in other words, without any limitations that are imposed on its unregistered freeware version. You are permitted to use it even in a commercial environment. Please, enjoy.
- The bad news: This is the last version and there will be no other translations and no support.

November 29, 2003
- D&Do v. 1.0 release, a new product, is available as freeware and as commercial software.

April 12th, 2003
- HTMLslicer v.1.0_03 maintenance release is available.
- WebGrabber v1.1 release is available and still free. This version can remove Web bugs, spying scripts, and advertising that provoke Internet message exchanges while viewing some of the imported Web pages with your favorite Web browser. For other improvements, see the Version History section of the WebGrabber page.

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