My Resume

Technical Specialist / Laboratory Technician

 Career Objective

With a solid experience in clinical chemistry, I would like the opportunity to apply my knowledge to one of the following fields: Quality control, batching or maintenance of automated systems.  My working knowledge is such that I am comfortable in many fields of activity.

 Acquired Experiences

 Technical Specialist:
Assemble, verify, repair and maintain biochemistry analysers.
Elaborate, write and publish the technical documentation for biochemistry analysers.
Train users and technical service personnel on an international level.
Create chemistry applications.
Phone troubleshooting.
Maintain computers: OS, software installation, etc.
Committee member responsible in the development of a chemistry analyser.
Committee member responsible for the ISO9001 inscription.
Inventory control (service parts).

 Quality Control:
Responsible for the quality of all manufactured reagents.
Responsible for the value assignment of calibration and control materials.
Elaborate and write quality control protocols.
R&D project on reagent stability.

Personnel Management.
Responsible for chemistry production (scheduling and manufacturing).
Maintain production equipment.
Translate packaged inserts and labels used on bottles and boxes.
Find proper packaging solution for the final goods.
Inventory control (raw materials, in-process and final product).


Capacity to successfully manage projects and to bring them to completion on schedule.
Successfully completed a BDC training has an internal auditor for the ISO9000 Quality System.
Transfer from production to a technical specialist job.
Publication of service/maintenance manuals for two analysers.

 Employment History

1992 - 2001  Synermed International Inc., Lachine
(1999 - 2001)  Quality control manager
(1992 - 2001)  Technical specialist

1982 - 1990  American Monitor (Canada) Ltd, Saint-Laurent
(1989 - 1992)  Technical services
(1982 - 1990)  Production and quality control manager


DEC in "technique de chimie-biologie" (210.03).     1979 - 1982
Ahuntsic College, Montreal.

 Computer Experiences

Computer programming in Fortran, Basic, APL and dBASE.
Commercial software used: WordPerfect, Word, Lotus 123, Excel, Quatro Pro, PageMaker, Visio and Photoshop.
Operating System used: DOS, Windows (3.1, 95, 98, Me, NT).

 Personal Interest

Computer programming, fishing, fishkeeping, music and reading.

References available on request.