• Does an NFC eat the same as other cats?
    Yes, The NFC thrives well on a normal well-balanced feline diet. 

  • Do they require lots of grooming?
    Not really, They maintain their coats on their own. Once per week would be great. They love being brushed. In early spring, for a few weeks they need a little extra help as they are shedding their winter coats. 

  • Indoors or outdoors?
    The NFC is perfectly happy indoors. A good climbing post to perch & scratch is ideal. Some people choose to walk their cats. You can purchase a harness and leash at any animal store. 

  • NFC & Maine-Coon
    To someone who does not know the breeds very well. At first glance they may look similar. The Maine-Coon is a bit larger. The NFC has a longer and fuller coat and a more alert expression. For more info. See the NFC - Maine-Coon comparison page. 

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