KERISAC CIDER is made by the Guillet Family in Guenrouet, Brittany. For over 70 years, they have been making KERISAC according to a traditional family recipe. They use the finest selection of Breton apples to create a cider that is both light and refreshing. Between 1977 and 1997, the Guillet family dominated the Concours General in Paris. During this time, KERISAC CIDER was continually placed in the top two, more often than not, winning the médaille d'Or. It is a product of quality that is sold throughout France. It can be found in all the country's best crêperies and in all major supermarkets. KERISAC CIDER first appeared on the Canadian market in 1989. It has been sold by the S.A.Q. (Société des Alcools du Québec) for ten years and, in the year 2000 it will be sold across Ontario by
the L.C.B.O. It is a drink ideally suited to the times in which we live - natural and healthy. Guillet Frères use only the best apples (Bedam, Avrolles, Doux Moem, Kermeriem and Douce Coet Ligne) to achieve the perfect balance of sweet and sour tastes. The ciders' sweetness is obtained from the natural sugars produced by the apples. Low in alcohol (only 4 - 6%), KERISAC CIDER contains vitamins and is high in mineral salts (potassium). It also has medicinal properties. Cider stimulates digestion, is diuretic and prevents gout. A truly palatable beverage with all the goodness of apples! The word to best describe
KERISAC CIDER is "versatile". It has so many different uses. Lively and bubbly, it offers a tempting alternative to beer and wine. It is ideal on its own or with a meal. Sip chilled and mixed with fresh fruit juice in summer or mulled with cinnamon and honey to take the chill off winter. Cider offers the perfect accompaniment to fish, seafood and all white meats. Add it to your favourite recipes to give it an extra little something. It is the ideal partner for almost any sweet or savoury dish. It creates a fabulous marinade for ham and a sumptuous glaze for duck. Cook with fruit and vegetables to enhance their natural flavours. (Go to recipes for some tantalizing ideas!) KERISAC CIDER offers you the
REGION Brittany
CIDERMAKER Guillet Frères
CIDERMAKING NOTES The apples are harvested
each September and then left to ripen for 3 weeks. At this stage, the apples are pressed, filtered and bottled. KERISAC CIDER is then stored and maintained at a low temperature. To increase the alcohol content, more time is left between pressing and filtering.
FOOD SUGGESTIONS Anything goes! (fish, seafood, white meat).
Ask for CSPC 982793 at the nearest LCBO
opportunity to try something different. Bring the traditional taste of France to your table!

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