What you should do (for each email account you want to get mail from)...

1. Open NOD32 POP Scanner
2. Click "Setup"
3. Click "Add"
4. Enter a number in "Listen on", suggested numbers are between 1024 and 65535. For example "4321".
5. Enter the POP3-server you got from your ISP in "Parent server". For example "".
6. If the ISP uses a non-standard port for POP3 (VERY uncommon), change "110" to the port specified by the ISP.
7. Click "OK"
8. Open your e-mail client
9. Edit the settings for the e-mail account
10. Change from your ISPs POP3-address (for example, "") to "localhost".
11. Change from your ISPs port ("110") to the number you specified at (4). (For example "4321")
12. You are all done.

That should be all. If you have several accounts, just repeat the steps above, but choose another port at (4) and (11). (For example "4322")

And for the more visual of you, here are some gif's 


In the account setup tab, you replace the name of your pop3 server (will be used by Nod32)

 with localhost or (which is the same thing)


In the misc tab, you change the port number (110) to another one above 10,500 which will be the same one you set in Nod32.



In NOD 32, you now use the name of your POP3 server and the port number which you had  previously set in your emailer.


When you get mail, this is an example showing Nod32 for pop3 actually scanning your emails.