Installation guide for PGP 8



PGP is probably the most widely needed program one could have to protect his privacy, but is also at the same time the most misunderstood and probably most intimidating there is.

The following will make the process of installing it easy, at least this is what i am hoping for.

What are the uses for PGP ?  Mainly used to encrypt ( make impossible to read without proper tool to read it ) emails, but also valid to encrypt any files you wish.

I will deal here with the PGPckt version.

First step is to go to the url below, and download the application (.zip file) to the directory of your choice.  Then unzip the file, and as shown by the gifs below, the process will take care of installing PGP to the directory you choose.

Once the installation is nearly completed,   PGP will also create a keyring for you which consist of 2 keys, one private, and the other one public.  If you already had PGP before, then it would ask you if you wanted to use existing keyring instead of creating a new one.  Creating a keyring is part of the installation.  DO NOT  skip that part, as the keyring is  essential  to be able to use PGP.

The private key is created by making a passphrase ( fancy word for long password ) which you should never write anywhere, make as long as you can remember and at the same time be sure not to forget as without the passphrase you will not ever be able to access any file or email already encrypted with it.

You are the only one having access to this private key.  The public key is the one you will upload to servers dedicated to PGP for everyone to have access to, making sure you add all email addys for which you intend to use PGP wit , for others to have access on the servers.  You then set your key as default, and you should also set PGP to encrypt to your default key.

The procedure to encrypt an email to a friend is as follows :

You compose your email, and once you are finished, you ask PGP to encrypt the content of the email to the party you are sending it to, after fetching his public key from the server.  You also encrypt it to your own key, as you would not be able to read the content of it afterwards if you didn't.  You send the email as usual.  Upon receipt, the friend will then decrypt the content to be able to read it.  Only the 2 of you can read this email as it was encrypted to the both of you and no one else.

In that sense, PGP is like a bank safety deposit box.  2 keys are needed to open it.  Yours and the one from the bank which any employee could have when they go with you to the box .  The bank key is the equivalent of the public key, while yours is the secret one which is opened by providing your passphrase which is important to protect by making sure you don't write it anywhere.  It must remain stored in your brain.  Make it something you would never forget while you are sure no one could ever guess.

The following is to be used as an example only as PGP6.58ckt is somewhat to be considered an illegal copy since PGP corporation has purchased the rights to PGP from NAI

Let's start shall we, by first downloading the program from




You can send your key to a server now, or wait later as you wish.  You may even decide not to send it in.  But if you do, add all emails adresses which you intend to use PGP with, to make it accessable for others.

Always ensure you encrypt an email to your default key as well as to other party you are sending to, as you would otherwise not be able to read that email yourself later if you didn't.


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