Instructions to use proxies with a pacfile.







This is where it all starts by clicking on the PacFile Button, which will bring the pacfile generator to create your file.

The pacfile generator is available as a separate download from Spyblocker at: 


Just download the file to the same directory to which Spyblocker resides in.



The Create Button will create the file for your pacfile and bring the following screen: 



The port number will be the same you set in your proxy.

The Add Button is where you add URL's or IP addresses to block.

The Show alerts Button will bring up this screen when you load IE: 



The SetUp Button will bring the following screen for you to set your browser, ie Netscape or IE.




DO NOT check the use a proxy server box, as you want your proxy to be loaded from your pacfile instead of through your browser.  This offers the advantage of making your proxy "invisible" to scripts looking to disable adblockers linked to your browser.  The screenshot shows Lan Settings, but the same applies to dial up.


How do I use this with Internet Explorer?

(Note: you can easily use the setup button for this) For Dial-Up users:

Open "Tools->Internet Options"
Select "Connections" tab
Select a connection in the 'Dial-Up Settings'
Click the 'Settings' button
Select "Use automatic configuration script"
Select "Automatically detect settings"
Enter this URL in the address box :     file://c:\program files\spyblocker software\pacfile.pac        
Select "Security" tab
Select "Local intranet"
Click "Sites" box
Unselect "Include all sites that bypass the proxy server"

For LAN users:


Same as above, except that under the Connection Tab, select "Lan Settings" rather than Dial-Up.

How do I use this with Netscape?

(Note: you can easily use the setup button for this)

(Netscape 4.x)
Open "Edit->Preferences"
Select "Advanced"
Select "Proxies"
Select "Auto proxy configuration" option
Enter URL or path of the generated proxy file.
(usually 'c:\program files\spyblocker software\pacfile.pac'

You must configure Netscape with a file URL.
(i.e. file://c:/program files/spyblocker software/pacfile.pac)




Ensure the port number is the same one you set in your pacfile.

The example above is for Naviscope, but the same holds true for WebWasher or Proxomitron.




Also check this page from the author :