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REGRUN from Greatis Software is a powerful registry editor that will become very popular in the near future.

It is loaded with very nice features:
Lets you easily remove obsolete registry entries from software that you may have deleted ages ago.
  Connect to the Internet if you can't see this image.            RESPLENDANT REGISTRAR  Powerful Registry Editor.  Allows to edit egistry using an advanced explorer-style interface.
Connect to the Internet if you can't see this image.       REGISTRAR LITE.   Freeware version
RegClean  /  MICROSOFT
It creates an undo.reg file in the RegClean folder in case that was needed.  Simple yet effective, should be run daily.

Clean Reg3                                                      Very Powerful and effective


  Connect to the Internet if you can't see this image.  System Mechanic can do much more than just clean your system registry.
It will also remove junk and obsolete files and find and fix broken shortcuts.
It's a set of 15 tools to keep your system at full peek.
RegRun is an integrated suite of utilities that can help remove the mystery of Windows. It monitors your computer operation, shows the many hidden features and helps you to get full control of your computer.
We offer three versions of RegRun Security Suite: 
- The Standard version is suitable for typical users. It contains all of the core features that provide easy management and safety. 
- The Professional version will be very useful to power users. Advanced registry features allow you to quickly access and optimize system pa-rameters, and provide increased security functions. 

- The Gold version is designed to meet the needs of computer specialists. Yesterday you used several products to do your work; today you need only RegRun Gold. 

"START CONTROL" - Provides an unusually friendly interface to users, who can easily and quickly provide detailed information about, suspend, resume, alter, or delete any of the programs within the Windows startup.

"SECURE START" -Analyzes the Windows registry, initialization files and warns the user if any changes have occurred. Secure Start is activated BEFORE Windows startup - in both W9x and W2K/WXP. 

"WATCH DOG" - Provides silent monitoring of the startup programs during your Windows working session. 

"FILE PROTECTION" - is one of the most useful functions serving to protect your computer from viruses, trojans and malfunctioning programs.

"STARTUP PROFILER" - Creates a specially designed file, called startup profile, that contains all of the startup information. Users may create their own profiles and restore them in WINDOWS and DOS. "STARTUP PROFILER" has a unique feature for startup troubleshooting - "Clean Boot". Using the "Clean Boot," the user will boot in really clean Windows.

This is not signature scanning, but rather "infection scanning". During the session, RegRun opens and monitors a number of "bait" program and macro files which are vulnerable to infection by any active virus. If any of these files change, RegRun II will advise you, and facilitate your communication with your antivirus supplier by
providing you with before and after samples.

"APPLICATION DATABASE" - Includes descriptions of often-used programs as well as malware. Watch Dog automatically checks this database and looks for dangerous programs. Users may query Greatis Software for all unknown programs; Users can add programs.

"ANTIVIRUS COORDINATOR" - Coordinator detects the well-known antivirus programs (it can be customized to incorporate lesser-known AV programs), and uses this information to quickly check startup files and folders, if necessary. 

"PROCESS MANAGER" - Allows you to analyze and control all of the processes and modules that are running on your computer. 

"SYSTEM FILES EDITOR" - Looks like a Microsoft's SysEdit but it is more handier and allows you to automatically open your files subset.

"REGISTRY ASSISTANT" - Includes registry search and replace, tips and tricks collection, registry shortcuts, useful links and utilities. 

"REGISTRY TRACER" - Traces changes in the selected registry keys. 

"RUN JOB" - Advanced batch manager. Allows you to launch several programs simultaneously, delayed, or by "chain" - a series of jobs; each waiting for completion of a previous program.
    Connect to the Internet if you can't see this image.    Reg Compact eliminates registry fragmentation.
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For Power Users
                            REG SEEKER

RegSeeker :

RegSeeker is a perfect companion for your Windows registry !
RegSeeker includes a powerful registry cleaner and can display various informations like your startup entries, several histories (even index.dat files), installed applications and much more ! With RegSeeker you can search for any item inside your registry, export/delete the results, open them in the registry. RegSeeker also includes a tweaks panel to optimize your OS !

RegSeeker is FREE for personal use only !