DDE 2.0 Package for Tcl/Tk 8.xunder Windows

This package provides a full range of services provided by the Dynamic Data Exchange Management Library (DDEML) to scripts running in Tcl/Tk interpreters under the Microsoft Windows operating system. The package uses a persistent connection model for communications between applications rather than the message oriented approach employed by the DDE implementation in the standard Tcl/Tk releases. For high activity deployments, the persistent connection model is somewhat more efficient.

This package also provided the ability to develop DDE servers entirely in Tcl. An event oriented interface allows scripts to capture DDE activity using event handlers for DDE message events, an approach that greatly simplifies DDE programming. The package contains example scripts that demonstrate how to build a DDE server sing the event model.

The package requires a Tcl/Tk installation running under a 32 bit mode Windows OS, such as W9x, NT, XP and ME. The package is designed for use with Tcl/Tk 8.2.0 and later releases. The package was developed under Tcl/Tk 8.2.0 using the stubs interface. It has been tested under all of the later releases of Tcl/Tk

The package contains a dynamic extension package DLL, a Windows Help database, and some demonstration scripts. With this package you can do such wonderful things as driving Microsoft Excel with a Tcl script, modify your Microsoft Word documents with tricky Tcl scripts, and fool about with your desktop. There are many other possible serious applications, but I leave that to the users!

Installation notes

Download the archive into the library directory of your Tcl installation. You can find out where this is by starting the Tcl interpreter and entering the command:

         set tcl_library

Under a standard Windows installation, this directory is:

         c:\Program Files\Tcl\lib

Use a utility such as unzip.exe to unpack the archive. It will create a directory called DDE2.0 and install the extension package and the demonstration scripts. You may then start up an interpreter and enter the command:

        package require DDE 2.0

Once the package is loaded, you can type the command help which should start up the Windows help application and display a lot of information about the package. If this does not work on your installation, locate the Winhelp file in the sub-directory and start it by double clicking on the file name.

Notes for Tcl/Tk 8.1 and earlier users
Support has been dropped for Tcl/Tk versions that do not use stubs.
Free for private use. Commercial users read the license.
Not available at this time. 

This package has been widely used for a number of years. Almost no bug reports have been submitted. It has been stable running in applications that have run 24/7 for years.

Should be Okay, but use it at your own risk. Read the help file before using.

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