Image 1.2 - Image Processing Extension for Tcl

The Image 1.2 package is a dynamic extension to the Tcl application environment. The package is designed for performing image processing operations on images in indexed color formats, such as the GIF and BMP formats. Image 1.2 will take several image formats as input, including GIF,TIFF,BMP,PNG and JPEG. The main output format is BMP, although other formats may eventually be supported.

This package is distinct from other image packages in that it works with Tcl only, and does not need or use the Tk environment. This means that image processing can be done in batch scripts.

The reason that this package exists is the inherant saving of memory available with the use of indexed color formats. On the down side, those who have requirements for high quality color manipulations should not choose Image 1.2. Image 1.2 was designed originally for processing images with a small number of colors, such as weather charts, which typically have only 2 colors. The package makes extensive use of the standard 6-6-6 palette for handling 8 bit color index images.

While the color spectrum performance of this package is restricted, it can, never the less, produce reasonable color images for use in most computer applications, and due to the savings in memory and disk space associated with indexed formats, it is not particularly resource consuming.

The underlying idea behind the Image 1.2 package is the assembly of image processing pipelines. The output of one operation can be fed directly into subsequent operations in a manner similar to that available with standard UNIX pipes.

Installation for UNIX

Download the source archive. Unpack the archive, run the configure script, do a make, then a make install. The build process works fine on Linux RH 7.x and Slackware 96. Other systems may need some work to get things going.

Installation for Windows

Download the Image 1.2 package for Windows. Unpack the archive in the lib directory of your Tcl/Tk installation (Usually c:\Program Files\Tcl\lib) using a utility that will preserve the embedded directory structure (such as unzip.exe). The package is now available using the

package require Image 1.2

command of Tcl.


For Windows, there is a help file with the distribution. Start Winhelp and read all about the package. Unfortunately, I have not done any man pages, so UNIX people will have to read the source, or borrow a windows box.


None. Use this package at your own risk and expense. The author offers no warranty as to suitability of use or of any other kind.


Free for private home use. Commercial sale or redistribution of any kind without the written permission of the author is prohibited.


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