Startup Applications List

Name or Startup Item Status Command or Data Description
!NoLoad U winrecon.exe WinRecon - surveillance software that creates records of everything people do on a computer, ie, spying or monitoring depending upon how you call it
$EnterNet U Enternet.exe Connection manager for the EnterNet ISP. You can also use RASPPOE
%cmpmixtitle% ? %cmpmixstr% Possibly related to C-Media Mixer Control panel?
<executed file name> X Added as a result of the SOUTHGHOST VIRUS!
<filename> X App.exe Added as a result of the WAXPOW VIRUS! where <filename> is the executed filename
<name> X Svchosts.exe Added as a result of the SDBOT.N VIRUS! where <name> can be random
<random filename> X wincpu.exe Added as a result of an unidentified VIRUS!
<various names> X elf.exe Elf is a hacker program, tied to a trojan server
(*)API Machine X winSOCKS.exe Homepage hijacker, see here (* = any digit)
(*)Run X win32API.exe Homepage hijacker, see here (* = any digit)
(Default) X media_driver.exe Added as a result of the TUPEG VIRUS!
(Default) X Shania.vbs Added as a result of the SHANIA VIRUS!
(Default) X NOTEPAD.exe Added as the result of the RUSTY VIRUS! Note - not to be confused with the valid Windows "NOTEPAD" text editor
*JanisRuckenbrodII X Added as a result of the POPS VIRUS!
*StateMgr Y statemgr.exe Windows ME default for System Restore. Do NOT disable!
,main drive Loader X wininfo.exe Suspected malware as it appears in 3 different registry locations - see here
.NET config ? sysmon32.exe ??
/l:eng N N/A Related to the Dell OEM version of the Sound Blaster Audigy 2 sound card. If this item is listed and checked in startup, the System32 Folder will appear on every startup
000StTHK U 000StTHK.exe Toshiba Hot key functionality for the function keys (Fn-Esc, Fn-F1 (lock), Fn-F2, Fn-F3, Fn-F4, Fn-F5 (switching between laptop and CRT display output), etc...)
00THotkey U 00THotKey.exe For Toshiba Satellite notebook series to use the front buttons, play, stop, next, prev.
123456 X rundll32.exe shell32.dll, Control_RunDLL ...123456.cpl Added as a result of the KITRO.C (or DANDI.A) VIRUS! 123456 can be any random 3 to 6 digit number
12Ghosts Popup-Killer U 12popup.exe 12Ghosts Popup-Killer
17779Proj2002 ? N/A ??
1: N hpdrv.exe HP utility for monitoring when and how many recoveries have been done
1A:MacVisionTrayMonitor N TrayMonitor.exe Comes with the MacVision program for monitoring tray icons (Note : program is by Stardock)
1A:Stardock MCP Y mcpserver.exe Master Control Program for Stardock apps, in development. People should leave it running if they're using any of the Stardock applications, as it's important for the above two and likely to become important for others (like WindowBlinds) as time goes on
1A:Stardock TrayMonitor Y TrayServer.exe For monitoring tray icons - if disabled icons will not be displayed in ObjectBar or DesktopX
1CmailS ? NETMAIL.EXE ??
1Srv32 U SpyAgent4.exe SpyTech SpyAgent monitoring software. "Spy software that allows you to monitor EVERYTHING users do on your PC."
1Win32Cfg U SpyBuddy.exe SpyBuddy monitoring software
1Win32Cfg U Keyloggerpro.exe KeyloggerPro - monitoring software
2020Downloader X mssvr.exe 2020Search Toolbar related. Reported to be auto-installed
2wSysTray U 2portalmon.exe 2Wire Homeportal user interface
39ELTFH25Z8SKF ? Ezg1q5.exe Seems to be associated with software by Resplendence SP ?
3c1807pd Y 3cmlink.exe 3cpipe-3c1807pd 3Com WinModem driver. See here for more WinModem information
3capplnk Y 3capplnk.exe US Robotics Modem driver
3cdminic N 3CDMINIC.EXE 3Com DMI (DynamicAccess Desktop Management Interface) Agent associated with 3Com network cards
3CM Link ? 3cmcnkw.exe ??
3Cmlink Y 3CmlinkW.exe For a US Robotics WinModem. Provides the link to Windows as the CPU does the processing on WinModems - won't work without it. See here for more WinModem information
3ComDMIAgent N 3CDMINIC.EXE 3Com DMI (DynamicAccess Desktop Management Interface) Agent associated with 3Com network cards
3cpipe-USRpdA Y USRmlnkA.exe Modem driver files from US Robotics
3D Text N 3D Text.scr Added as a result of the JERMY.A VIRUS!
3Deep Control Panel U 3DeepCTL.EXE From LightSurf Technologies (nee E-Color) - 3Deep corrects lighting, shading and color for all your 2D and 3D games
3Dfx Acc X GFXACC.EXE Added as a result of the GIBE VIRUS!
3dfx Task Manager N 3dfxMan.exe System Tray application for 3dfx Voodoo 3/4/5 functions. Available via Start -> Programs
3dfx Tools Y 3dfxCmn.dll Updates the registry with information that can't be held for Voodoo 3/4/5 series graphics cards. Important for owners of these cards
3dfxv2ps.dll Y 3dfxv2ps.dll Updates the registry with info that can't be held for 3dfx Voodoo 2 video cards. Important for owners of these cards
3Dlabs Taskbar Display Manager ? 3DLman.exe 3DLabs graphics driver related. System Tray access to display settings?
3DLabsHelperDemon U 3dldemon.exe Directly from the programs author "It is a tiny program that is installed by the Permedia2/3 and probably other Oxygen-series cards. Normally it sits in the background doing nothing at all (sleeping on a semaphore), so it should take zero CPU time and virtually zero memory, since it will all be paged out to the hard drive." In most cases it can be safely disabled
3qdctl.exe U 3qdctl.exe Provided with Terratec 128i PCI and similar sound cards. Loads a sound profile at bootup, restoring volume and other audio settings to a pre-determined default. Similar to Creative Lab's AudioHQ
3ware 3DM Y 3dm.exe Monitors status of the disk array on 3ware IDE RAID controllers
4wd!!! X Natal!.pif Added as a result of the OPASERV.AI VIRUS!
5-1-61-96 X members-area.exe Adult content dialler
5-2-46-112 X 5-2-46-112.exe Adult content pop-up dialler. Removal instructions here
666 X Ska.exe Added as a result of the NETBUS VIRUS!
9xHtProtect X AVprotect9x.exe Added as a result of the NETSKY.M VIRUS!
;Rundll X <filename> Added as a result of the PWSLEGMIR.E VIRUS!
@ X regedit -s Added as a result of the SEEKER.K VIRUS!
@Hoc Toolbar N AtHoc.exe One-click activated browsing toolbar used by various web-sites. See here for more info
@loha N reminder.exe Registration reminder for,fid,6581,00.asp E-mail utility
@tour_ww X @tour_ww[1].exe Adult content dialler
a-winpoet-service Y winpppoverethernet.exe WinPoET is the industry's first Windows-based PPP over Ethernet client. Developed by iVasion, WinPoET is attractive to equipment providers, modem suppliers, RBOCs and ISPs. For more info read here. It uses dial-up networking for new high-speed internet customers who are more familiar with analogue modems. If unchecked in MSCONFIG it reports Error 360 - Hardware Error in dial-up networking
A1000 Settings Utility U cpqa1000.exe Compaq A1000 Print Fax All-in-One copy scan printer software. Required in the Startup in order to scan, print, copy and fax. Only required if you use these features
A4Proxy U A4Proxy.exe Anonymity 4 Proxy - local proxy server that makes you anonymous when visiting web sites
AAAKeyboard ? ?? ??
AAATraySaver N TraySaver.exe System Tray management utility from Mike Lin which allows you to hide, show, restore icons that are lost in an Explorer crash, remove dead tray icons, minimize any window to the System Tray
AAK U aak.exe Advanced Anti-Keylogger - "Anti-spy software to prohibit operation of any keyloggers currently in use or presently being developed anywhere"
ab EazyScheduler ? ezsched.exe ??
ABBYY Community Agent N CAGENT.EXE Installed with the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software that comes bundled with a Compaq A3000 all-in-one printer/scanner. Its function appears to be to link you to the internet in an attempt to buy the 5.0 version of the software
ABC X keylogger.exe Monitors keystrokes so you can check if someone has typed anything while your away from your PC. Reported as spyware by SpyCop in their FAQ
Absolute Shield U dseraser.exe Absolute Shield/Evidence Eliminator - iternet history eraser
ABsr X absr.exe Added as a result of the AUTOUPDER VIRUS!
absr X mwsvm.exe SeekSeek search hijacker related - as seen here
abtu X mp3serch.exe
Loads the executable for mp3serch.exe is the final version whilst lopsearch.exe is the beta version
AbyssWebServer U abyssws.exe Abyss web server
AcBtnMgr_Xxx Y AcBtnMgr_Xxx.exe Associated with the Lexmark Xxx (where "xx" is the model) all-in-one printer/scanner/copier. Required for correct operation
acc U acc.exe Advanced Call Center - "full-featured yet easy-to-use answering machine software for your voice modem"
Accelerate U accelerate.exe Webroot Accelerate - allows you to optimize Windows network registry settings in order to boost surfing speeds. Leave this enabled if you find it improves your connection
Access Ramp Monitor N armon32.exe Monitors your progress on the internet; hang-ups, connection speeds, internet congestion and traffic flow. It prevents some games from running also. To disable the Access Ramp Monitor (1) Open Windows Explorer (2) Open the Program Files folder (3) Open the MindSpring folder (4) Open the AccessRamp folder (5) Double-click on the ARMCfg32.exe file (6) Uncheck Enable Dialup Monitor and click OK (7) Restart the computer and try again
AccessRamp Monitor01 N ARMon32a.exe From a visitor "Just wanted to provide you with some info on Access Ramp software installed with Verizon DSL accounts in those areas that use the Winpoet PPPoE software. The Access Ramp TSRs are installed as part of IP Insight software (can't remember the software maker). You can decline to install IP Insight during Winpoet setup, or go into Add/Remove programs uninstall IP Insight by hand if it's already installed. It really doesn't do a darn thing for you. It was intended to help DSL techs monitor QoS, but the backend part was never implemented (at least as of earlier this year). This will not affect the user's ability or inability to access their DSL service."
AccessRampLAN01 N ARUpld32.exe Version of the above for LAN connections - a history uploader. The key in turning it off is a file named ARUCfg32.exe. This file (ARUCfg32.exe) does not show up in the startup process. If you have this file, you can execute it and remove all the monitoring activities it does. Removing all the checks in all the boxes (both tabs) still calls ARUpld32.exe to start when you start the dial up. You can block it from sending info if you have Zone Alarm installed. Renaming the extension of ARUCfg32.exe to ARUCfg32.exe1 works. The ARUpld32.exe is not loaded when launching the dial up client. Written by IP Insight and also included with Earthlink Total Access 2003
AcctMgr U AcctMgr.exe Norton™ Password Manager - part of Norton SystemWorks 2004 - stores passwords and other personal information, and retrieves the data needed for email logins, shopping orders, banking, and other online activities—all from the safety of your own PC® Desktop N ?? Desktop weather from
AcerNotebookManager U almxptray.exe System Tray access on some Acer Notebooks to give faster access to system settings
AcerPowerkey U Powerkey.exe PowerKey utility for Acer TravelMate notebook PCs. Allows the user to quickly switch between different power schemes by pressing Fn+F3
ACMonitor_Xxx Y ACMonitor_Xxx.exe Associated with the Lexmark Xxx (where "xx" is the model) all-in-one printer/scanner/copier. Required for correct operation
acocash X fastdown.exe
Adult content dialler
Acombo3dmouse U Acombo3d.exe Mouse driver - required if you use non-standard Windows driver features
Aconti X aconti.exe Adult content dialler
acoustic U acoustic.exe Control panel program for Philips Acoustic Edge soundcard. Not required unless changed settings aren't retained
acpart N agpart11.exe Program for finding trucks on-line
Acrobat Assistant U ACROTRAY.EXE Used to create PDF files with Acrobat Distiller. For Win9x/Me systems you can run this file manually beforehand. For WinXP systems this file must run at startup. Hence the "U" recommendation
Acronis Scheduler2 Service U schedhlp.exe Part of Acronis True Image - backup software. Co-operates with the "schedul2.exe" servuce to perform backup/restore tasks correctly. Required if you want to use TrueImage to do some real backup/restore tasks - not if you only want to explore/mount images
Acronis TrueImage Monitor N TrueImageMonitor.exe Part of Acronis True Image - backup software. Can be disabled without affecting TrueImage
Action Manager 32 N am32.exe Associated with a Plustech scanner. Small utility that runs in the background for doing fax/copy/etc. Available via Start -> Programs
ActionAgent ? actionagent.exe "A COM server that runs on the client as part of the Dell OpenManage Client Instrumentation 6.x package; provides a simple method for a remote administrator to perform actions on the instrumented client". Is it required?
Activation N Activation.exe Part of Microsoft Money
Activboard U MMKeybd.exe Packard Bell ActiveBoard keyboard - multimedia keyboard manager. Required if you use the additional keys and want to see the status of the Num Lock, Caps Lock, Scroll Lock keys
ActiveDesktop X systray32.exe Added as a result of the DABOOM VIRUS!

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