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Genealogia & Heraldica: Proceedings of the 22nd International Congress of Genealogical and heraldic Sciences in Ottawa August 18-23, 1996/Actes du 22e congrès international des sciences généalogique et héraldique à Ottawa 18-23 août 1996, ed.. Auguste Vachon, Claire Boudreau and Daniel Cogné, University of Ottawa Press/Les Presses de l'Université d'Ottawa, Ottawa, 1998, 1998, Paperback, ISBN 0-7766-0472-4.

The editorial team has done a very handsome and exemplary job of presenting the papers of the Congress in both an attractive and scholarly manner. They are to be sincerely congratulated for a tremendous piece of work that undoubtedly does Canada proud. Indeed, their production re- focuses the attention of future editorial teams on the handsome and well-produced Proceedings of yesteryear. The single volume paperback is filled with a number of clear black-and-white and colour photographs of considerable interest. In reading the articles, one becomes aware of relevant charts, illustrations and appropriate footnotes, bibliographies, etc. This is a pleasure to read and reflects well the care shown in its compilation.

The editorial team, assisted by a Readers Team, has also avoided the frequent misspellings often found in multilingual productions and the regretable delays of some previous Proceedings. In itself this is no small feather in their cap. Papers by many Canadian heraldists and genealogists are complimented by those of international participants, all dealing with a wide variety of concerns reflecting the theme of the Congress: Heraldry and Genealogy across Borders and Frontiers. Notable is the section on the Artists's workshop, which handsomely displays the artwork of some of the premier heraldic artists in the world today. This Artist's Workshop appears to be unique to the 22nd Congress in Ottawa, though it is to be hoped the beginning of a longstanding tradition in future Congresses.

All in all, a very commendable and fine job was done. This is a must have commemorative of the 22nd International Congress!

(Reference: Heraldry in Canada, Vol.XXXII, No.3, September 1998)

John J. Kennedy

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