August 29, 1940, founding of the "Syndicat des Céramistes Paysans de la Beauce" (Syndicate of the Rural Ceramists of the Beauce). November 4, 1940, beginning of ceramics courses in the basement of the Beauceville Highschool, under the direction of the Swiss ceramist Wellie Chochard.

Raymond Lewis, a student of Pierre-Aimé Normandeau and a graduate of the Montreal École des Beaux-Arts is appointed as Deputy Director and Artistic Director. Lewis will be the head designer until his resignation in 1964.

The Peasant Potters of Beauce moved to St. Joseph de Beauce, Quebec. Production begins on a small scale and reaches an industrial level at the end of the 40's. A local red clay is used until 1948-1949 and then replaced by a white clay imported from Georgia, USA. Introduced to the Ontario market, the "Beauceware" trademark will be used after the Second World War until the mid-sixties.

A new line of wares marketed under the "Argile Vivante Beauce" label is designed by Jacques Garnier (1934-1998), a well-known Quebec ceramist. The Scandinavian style is introduced to Beauce.

A new corporate identity with a new logo (cb). The old syndicate becomes a cooperative: Céramique de Beauce.

Jean Cartier (1924-1996), the most famous Quebec ceramist, is appointed as Head of the design department.

On January 19, the plant is destroyed by a fire.

A modern factory reopens with new equipment designed by British engineers. The pottery is incorporated under the name "Céramique de Beauce Inc".

The company is purchased by Montreal businessmen.

On May 11, Céramique de Beauce Inc. closed.

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