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About Rainbows
Solar and lunar rainbow formation. From Beverly Lynds, Unidata Program Center.

Advanced Chemical Topics
Information on chemical reactions, formulas, and basic concepts from Gwen Sibert, Roanoke Valley Governor's School.

Atomic Orbitals
David Manthey’s static and MPEG models of electron orbitals.

Atoms, equations, and organic chemistry lessons, as well as biology and classical music materials.

Betha Chemistry Tutorial
Balancing equations, gas laws, quantum mechanics. From Ohio State University.

Bio- and Chemiluminescence
From your Guide. Bio-, chemi-, and other luminescent phenomena.

Biology 4
Topics include atomic bonding and enzymology. From Brooklyn College, City University of New York.

Buffers for pH Control
Java applet generating recipes for defined buffers. From Rob Beynon, University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology.

General chemistry online textbook and experiments.

Lectures for introductory chemistry course taught by Michael Chan, Ohio State University.

Chem 299
Series of lecture notes for general chemistry class. Also, see the Honors class notes for biochemistry, electrochemistry, and physical chemistry. From University of Idaho.

Chemical Context of Life
Introduction to chemistry for biology majors. From Pima Community College, West Campus.

Chemical Redox Reactions
Lecture notes from John Bullivant, Sydney University.

Chemical Sciences
Series of lectures spanning many topics in chemistry. From James A. Plambeck, Virtual University North.

Chemical Information Sources and Services Lecture Notes.

Chemistry 1201
General chemistry notes From Patrick A. Limbach, Louisiana State University. See Chemistry 2001 for Analysis, Equilibria, Chromatography, Electrochemistry, and Spectroscopy.

Chemistry in the Modern World
Introductory lab exercises from California State University at Stanislaus. Also, see the tutorials in spectral analysis and titration.

Chemistry Place
Tutorials and reviews. Requires paid subscription.

Chemistry Review
Introductory chemistry for biologists.

Chemistry Tutorial
Basic concepts relevant to biology from the University of Arizona.

Chemistry Visualized
From the University of California at San Diego. Choice of colorful, detailed presentations in General or Physical Chemistry.

Lessons and applets from William J. Vining Hartwick College and the University of Massachusetts.

Chem Web Online
Introductory basics: atomic structure, chemical formulas, gas laws, etc.

Computational Molecular Nanotechnology
Atomic scale manipulation of matter includes a visit to their gallery of devices. From the Numerical Aerospace Simulation Facility at NASA Ames Research Center

Computer-Aided Learning Tutorials
Includes inorganic and physical chemistry. From University College Cork.

Computer-Assisted Learning in Chemistry
Modules range from introductory (atoms and molecules) to advanced (reaction mechanisms) levels. From Leigh Oldfield.

Concept of the Week
Itemized treatment of the basics. From Pennsylvania State University at York.

Digital Text Materials
Detailed general chemistry text chapters from Professor Stephen Lower of Simon Fraser University. Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Elements, The
Brief outline of each element's history and chemistry. From the British Columbia Institute of Technology.

Fall of the Electron
Understanding the directionality of oxidation-reduction reactions. Also see Fall of the Proton. From Stephen K. Lower, Simon Fraser University.

Frank Virzi's Chemistry Self-Tests
Multiple choice questions with their answers.

From Caveman to Chemist
A technological march from fire and stone tools to plastics and semiconductors.

Fullerene Science Module
Background and applications of buckminsterfullerene. From John R. Bleeke and Dr. Regina F. Frey, Washington University.

Fundamentals of Chemistry
Introductory chemistry lecture notes by Scott Van Bramer, Widener University. Also see associated problem sets.

General Chemistry
Lecture notes and answered tests from Chris Parr, University of Texas at Dallas. Also, see the related Introduction to Chemistry.

General Chemistry I
Lecture notes concerning atoms and bonding properties. From Michael Blaber, Florida State University.

General Chemistry ConcepTests
Challenging Q & A from the University of Wisconsin.

General Chemistry Concepts
Helpful introductory material from scientific notation to molecular structure. From Ralph H. Logan, Dallas County Community College District, El Centro College. Also, see Frequently Asked Questions.

General Chemistry Home Companion
Lecture and demonstration outlines for teachers.

General Chemistry Lecture Notes
Introductory material from Philip J. Grandinetti, Ohio State University.

General Chemistry Topic Review
From atomic structure to introductory organic chemistry. From Purdue University.

General, Organic, and Biochemistry
Lecture slides with brief summations.

Ideal Gas Law
Java applet illustrating behavior of gases under pressure. From the University of Oregon.

Index to Chemical Education Resources
Available books (and some reviews) listed by the Journal of Chemical Education.

Internet for Chemists
A tour of Internet architecture and chemistry resources. From Vidyadhar Ranade, Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule, Zürich.

Just Ask Antoine!
Answers to chemistry questions posed by students.

Learning Matters of Chemistry
A reliable source for computer animations and computer-aided instruction.

Lewis Structure
How to draw valence electrons of molecules. From Valdosta State University.

Life, the Universe, and the Electron
An appreciation of the centenary of the electron's discovery.

Mark's Chemistry Tutor
Topics necessary for understanding general chemistry.

Math Resources for General Chemistry
From Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

Medical Student's Pre-requisites and Tutorials
General concepts for medical school. From University of California at Davis.

Microscale Gas Chemistry
Generation of gases for laboratory demonstrations. From Bruce Mattson, Creighton University.

Mole and Atomic Theory
Lecture notes from John Bullivant, Sydney University.

Molecular Modeling
Lewis structure, Valence Shell Electron Pair Repulsion Theory. From Brenda Wojciechowski and Paul Cerpovicz, Georgia Southern University.

Molecular Modeling for Chemical Education
Movies, graphics, and lectures demonstrate chemical shapes and reactivities. From Lebanon Valley College.

Molecular Model Rendering Techniques
Explores representations of atoms, molecules, surfaces, crystals, etc.

Molecular Models
Bonds, bonding angles, and molecular shapes. From Anna Cavinato and David Camp, Eastern Oregon State College.

Molecule of the Month
Some visualizations require Chime, Java, or VRML capability. From Paul May, University of Bristol.

Molecules of the Month
Multimedia presentations from Karl Harrison, Oxford University.

Molecules of the Month
Computer representations from Henry Rzepa (Imperial College) and Paul May (Bristol University).

Nanotechnology Gallery
Graphics depicting uses of atomic scale machines. From the Integrated Product Team on Devices and Nanotechnology, NASA Ames Research Center.

New Solvent: Supercritical Fluid
Reactions of plastic waste with supercritical water. From Kobe Steel, Ltd.

OAC Chemistry
Questions and answers in atomic theory, equilibrium reactions, organic chemistry, thermodynamics, and electrochemistry. From Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario.

Online Chemistry Resource Center
Includes activity series of metals, rules for solubilities of ionic compounds, rules for assigning oxidation numbers. From the British Columbia Institute of Technology.

Explanations and examples from Kapiolani Community College.

Particle Adventure
Required reading for understanding the Standard Model.

Principles in Chemistry
CH301 and CH302 lecture notes from University of Texas at Austin.

Principles of Chemistry
Introductory chemistry, chemical thermodynamics, and transition metal chemistry. From Bemidji State University, Itasca Community College, and Rainy River Community College.

Quality Science & Software
Equation balancing software and apparatus for learning about the mole.

Sound introduction from a chemical engineering student.

Regents Chemistry Lecture Notes
Brief, fundamental concepts found in general chemistry.

sci.chem FAQ
HTML version of queries to the Usenet discussion group.

Science of Particle Physics
Fermilab's introduction to the Standard Model.

Scuba Physics
Gas Laws tutorial from the perspective of the scuba diver.

Sheffield ChemPuter
Calculators determine element percentages, isotope patterns, and more.

SMILES Tutorial
Fundamentals of Simplified Molecular Input Line Entry Specification.

STEP PreChemistry
Introductory principles. From Jim Hollister, University of California at Davis.

Structure, Kinetics, and Equilibrium
Lecture notes and problem sets from Brown University.

Tanner's Topics
Explanations in general chemistry, electrochemistry, and physical chemistry from Tanner McCarron.

Titration Simulator
Java applet illustrating acid-base titrations. From Yue-Ling Wong.

Topic Oriented Approach Development
Chemistry taught through real world topics. From the University of Wisconsin.

Tutorials, Drills, and Quizzes for General Chemistry
Complete lecture notes for teachers and students.

Uncertainty in Measurements
Online tutorial explaining significant figures.

Virtual Classroom, The
Slides and syllabi used in undergraduate and graduate level chemistry courses. Topics include biochemistry, analytical, general, and organic chemistry. From University of Akron.

Usenet Chem FAQs
Sci.chem: how to use this newsgroup, and some information that is available on it.

Van der Waals Forces and Hydrogen Bonds
Material from Grover A. Swartzlander, Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

Welcome to Chemistry
Atoms and their properties. From St. Edward’s University, Austin, Texas.

What is pH?
Concise presentation provided by Innovative Sensors, Inc.

Wonderful World of Atoms and Nuclei
Superheavy atom production from the Gesellschaft für Schwerionenforschung, Darmstadt, Germany.

World Chemistry
Chemistry courses, definitions, Java applets, and molecules. From the Leipzig International School, Germany.

World of Materials
Metals, semiconductors, ceramics, and others. From MIT.

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