Conversions et calculs divers

American Metal Market's Conversion Table
Includes apothecaries', troy, and nautical equivalents.

ASCII Character Codes
From decimal 0 (Hex 0) to decimal 127 (Hex 7F).

Carbon 14 Dating Calculator
JavaScript program uses half-life of 14C for calculations.

Ceramic Consulting Group's Conversion Table
Not only the usual, but many unusual equivalents, including the humorous.

Common Weights and Measures
Scientific notation and metric and English equivalents.

Conversion Factors
Including units used in the chemical processing industry. From Process Associates of America.

Conversion Formulas
Chemical, electrical, and physical. From Wilton High School.

Conversion Tables
With emphasis on agricultural applications (transpiration, water use, crop yield). From Alabama Cooperative Extension System at Auburn University.

Conversion of Units
Most extant units represented. From Freie Universität Berlin.

Conversion Table for Cooking
Gives teaspoon/milliliter, quart/liter conversions and more.

Decay Calculator
JavaScript calculator determines activity remaining of many popularly used radioisotopes. From University of California at Santa Cruz.

Decimal - Hexadecimal - Binary Conversion Table
From decimal 0 to decimal 255.

Dictionary of Units
Système International history, units, definitions, and prefixes.

Entisoft Units Conversion Calculator
Will convert one international unit to another.

GraphPad Radioactivity Calculator
Find percent isotope remaining, specific activity, cpm to nM.

Humidity Measurement
Calculates relative humidity from dry bulb temperature and wet bulb depression. From Capgo Pty. Ltd.

Internet French Property's Conversion Table
Converts metric, imperial, and US measurements.

Java and JavaScript Applications
Calculate molecular weights, simulate NMR spectra, or watch polymer syntheses. From Bruno Herreros, University of Nebraska at Lincoln.

JavaScript Magnitude Comparators
From your Guide. Comprehend length, mass, and time.

Jon Glassman's Chemistry Functions
JavaScript interconversions of grams, particles, and moles.

MatWeb's Conversion Factors
List of English to metric conversions for engineering units.

Conversion applets available for most measurement needs. From Ben-Cam interMedia.

Metric/Imperial Converter
Includes length, mass, and volume conversions.

Micro Images Conversion Table
Includes acceleration, area, energy, power, volume, etc.

Molar Mass and Percent by Mass Calculator
JavaScript program from Dave Woodcock, Okanagan University College, British Columbia.

Molecular Weight Calculators
Chemical Reaction Planner calculates masses of other components when mass of just one component is known for a balanced equation.

Nephron Information Center
Easily convert mg/dL to mEq/L for a variety of ions and important biomolecules.

Quality Engineering & Manufacturing Association
Dimensions, masses, temperatures, pressures, accelerations.

Ralph W. Reid's Conversion Table
Metric and US equivalents; prefixes of orders of magnitude.

Radioactive Decay Calculator
Choose from a variety of isotopes. From the University of British Columbia.

Ray Greaves's Conversion Tables
This collection of interactive calculators also includes Old English measurements.

Roman Numeral Date Conversion Table
Covering the years A.D. 1400 to 2000.

Simtel.Net Collection
MS-DOS and Win 95 shareware and freeware calculators.

Standard Atmosphere Calculator
Input is altitude. Output is density, pressure, speed of sound, and temperature. From Jan Derk Stegeman.

Temperature Conversion Calculator
Includes Reaumur and Rankine degrees.

Unit Conversions
Energy, volume, pressure, temperature, mass, and power. From David Hsu.

Universal Currency Converter
It may not be universal, but it is certainly worldwide.

US Metric Association
Promoters of US transition to metric system.

US/UK metric conversions
Australian, Canadian, UK, and US cooking equivalents.

Washington State, Department of Transportation
Conversion of US units to SI units. Includes conversions for the construction business.

Weather Consulting Conversion Tables
Includes meteorology, sunrise/sunset, and distances between cities.

Weights and Measures
Prefixes and interconversions. From Rob Kabacoff, Inter-Links.

World Wide Metric Co. Inc.
On-screen conversion calculators for length, weight, pressure, and volume.

WWW Unit Converter
Applets deliver on-screen conversions. From Jan Derk Stegeman.

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