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Michel and Louise Gauvin

All the water of the earth which will be for ever is at the present time.  
It's now the time to protect it.
National Geographic Special Report: "The Power of Water"
November 1993

Only 1 % of the water of the earth is fit for consumption human, the need of conservation of the water is undéniable. We face in a crisis of water shortage, and unlike the oil crisis in the 70s, there's no alternative solution for the water. In so much that pioneer in the waterless technologies and of its conservation, DWG created a line of products which without risk clean and protect everything from motorcars, lorries, motorized and industrial plant in devices and in tools of Kitchen, of the fine jeweller's shop in luxurious leathers all this without using any water! Dri-Wash'n Guard product ( TM) cleans as one never has it seen previously, and you can be proud to use them!

Dri-Wash'n Guard

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