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You found the solution for washing Dri Wash'n Guard®

Q1 What is Dri-Wash'n GUARD®?

R DRI-WASH' N GUARD® is at the same time used for washing, polishing and protecting the cars. It applies without water, directly to soiled surface. It does not contain a wax and is more than a simple polishing product.

The waxes protect well, but often leave the matt emulsion paint. As for polishing products, they are very useful to eliminate the minor spots and defects, and are able much more to renovate dull painting. But they often contain abrasives, and get very little protection on the painted surfaces. The sealing compounds for painting protect effectively, but cannot clean or polish. Indeed, the painting of the car must be practically perfect so that these products can be applied. However Dri-Wash' N Guard® combines best qualities of products of waxing, polishing and sealing without having the disadvantages of them.

Q2 How is it made that we can apply Dri-Wash' N Guard® to a dirty surface?

R Dri-Wash' N Guard® contains 47 ingredients, like wetting agents, lubricating and protective, which were never used by the industry of the car cleaning products.
The detergents and wetting agents of Dri-Wash' N Guard® are combined to soften and emulsify the dirtiness of surface, whereas a special mixture of liquids containing polymeroxane and lubricants hydrophenolic attaches to surface a microscopic layer of PolyGuard-3®. PolyGuard-3® is an extremely rare substance (and expensive) which ensures a layer of dependent protection against any abrasive remaining non dissolved by the detergents and the wetting agents.

Q3 How do I have to maintain my vehicle between the applications of Dri-Wash' N Guard®?

R It is EASY, you should use only two soft fabric linens sponges: small and another the largest. Wet smallest with water until it is well soaked, then slightly pass it on the suface to be cleaned (like the hood). DO NOT RUB TOO EXTREMELY. Dust and water do not adhere to the film of Dri-Wash' N Guard® which is there. Take the dry towel now dries and slightly wipe the wetland until it is dry. The original glare of Dri-Wash' N Guard® will return at once. Normally, usually, it is enough to wet the small towel once to clean a whole car.

It is necessary however to use a little common sense: if your car is really dirty, (dried mud cover, stones, etc.) you must remove these dirtinesses of surface carefully.

Q4 Which guarantee do you offer for Dri-Wash' N Guard®?

R If Dri-Wash' N Guard® is used according to the " instructions ", we guarantee that it will offer an output in conformity with the allegations. As of the first use, the bottle will pulverize correctly, the vehicle will shine more than before the application of Dri-Wash' N Guard® and water will bead there.

Years of continuous evaluations and quality control as of the hundreds of thousands of tests on the ground carried out by our customers satisfied testify to safety and the effectiveness with Dri-Wash' N Guard®. However, DWG International cannot be held responsible for the damage which could result from a bad use of the product.

Q5 Up to which point Dri-Wash' N Guard® is it durable?

R When a surface of a vehicle is protected with Dri-Wash' N Guard®, water beads there for one year or more, even on the windshield rubbed the blades of windscreen wiper, the ice scraper, etc... Applied to the painting of a new vehicle, then applied again twice per year, Dri-Wash' N Guard® will preserve the glare of painting. Once that oxidation starts, however, it cannot be stopped, only slowed down. In the case of old paintings extremely oxidized, Dri-Wash' N Guard® can have to be applied as often as all the 2 or 3 months, even if painting remains protected and that water continues to bead there. Dri-Wash' N Guard® contributes to protect surfaces against the effects of the exposure prolonged to the sun, the acid rains and the salt of road.

Q6 What do you hear by extremely dirty when in acts to apply Dri-Wash' N Guard® directly to dirtiness?

R Mud, clay, granules, the large spots of salt, the insects, the tar and the sap of tree are examples of dirtinesses which cannot and do not have to be cleaned by Dri-Wash' N Guard®. Let you guide by the common sense. In the doubt, rinse the vehicle before applying Dri-Wash' N Guard®.

Q7 Which are the advantages of Dri-Wash' N Guard® for glass? Does one have to take some care?

R No other produced of glass cleaning can get the limpid clearness of Dri-Wash' N Guard®. Glass will seem to disappear. The product also returns surface glazed (a windshield for example) smoother, or more slipping, so that water runs out there without leaving of trace. It is thus all the more easy to remove the insects, the excrements of birds and the sap of tree. In winter, the windshields and the external mirrors protected by Dri-Wash' N Guard® are much easier to release from snow and the ice.

Q8 Should Dri-Wash' N Guard® be applied to a sealing compound for painting?

R Yes and not. The sealing compounds are applied only to the new cars, or the cars whose painting is in an excellent state. Applied correctly, the sealing compound will protect painting for six months or more. One will apply Dri-Wash' N Guard® when water does not bead any more on the sealing compound. It is necessary to wait at least 90 days after the application of a sealing compound to use Dri-Wash' N Guard®.

If Dri-Wash' N Guard® is applied to a sealing compound COLDLY POSED, it is possible that Dri-Wash' N Guard® can be somewhat difficult to remove and causes small stripes which are usually visible only on dark paintings. Dri-Wash' N Guard® can be applied without problem if a sealing compound coldly posed provided that it is by means of a waxing machine with high speed.*

Q9 Can Dri-Wash' N Guard® be applied over other waxes and polished?

R Yes. It can cross any wax or polished and will leave a layer of dependent and brilliant protection.

Q10 If I decide to wash my car before applying Dri-Wash' N Guard®, do I have also to dry it?

R ABSOLUTELY! some water drops are enough to create problems. For example, the product could be difficult to wipe and will probably leave marks. Moreover, the properties of brightness of Dri-Wash' N Guard® will be decreased considerably.

Q11 What arrives if Dri-Wash' N Guard® freezes?

R Dri-Wash' N Guard® was subjected to repeated cycles of cooling which made him reach a temperature of -20 degrees F without its chemical formula being faded. However, the bottles in which the product is packed up will become fragile and prone to the rupture in temperatures lower than the freezing point. This is why we recommend that Dri-Wash' N Guard® is stored inside.

Q12 Does Dri-Wash' N Guard® contain silicones?

R No.

Q13 Why is it necessary to agitate Dri-Wash' N Guard® before each use?

R Certain ingredients of the product being contained in product separate from the solution and must be remélangés before use. Vigorously shake the bottle of 3òz before filling the AIRosol pulverizer with 8oz, then agitate Dri-Wash' N Guard® before each application.

Q14 Can I use another type of pulverizer to apply Dri-Wash' N Guard®?

R Probably, but by doing this, you invalidate the guarantee which accompanies the product. No other applicator makes it possible to obtain the fine fog which is and uniform that the bottle of AIRosol produces.

Q15 Which is the useful lifetime of the AIRosol bottle?

R Correctly handled, the bottle will last indefinitely. Each bottle is tested with the hand before it leaves the factory and we guarantee his perfect operating condition. It is necessary nevertheless to take guard to escape it by ground and, it should be stored inside in a position upright.

The control valve has need for cleaning periodic. The way simplest to clean it is to reverse the bottle, which you will have beforehand pressurized thoroughly, and to press on the push rod during three seconds. If the valve is extremely blocked, withdraw it and soak it in hot and soapy water, then vaporize again to remove obstructions from it.

Q16 Can a use too frequent of Dri-Wash' N Guard® damage painting?

R No. Dri-Wash' N Guard® can be applied daily without damaging painted surface. The product cannot act more than necessary. On painting in an excellent state, it cleans as gently as water. On oxidized painting, Dri-Wash' N Guard® crosses the layers of oxidation each time that it is used. The more Dri-Wash' N Guard® with the exclusive formula PolyGuard-3® is used, the more brilliant surface becomes and smooth and the more it resists the bad weather.

Michel & Louise Gauvin
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V_line.gif (83 bytes) Q17 What " sudden cooling "?

R The gas pulverizer of a typical aerosol causes an intense cooling of the bottle at the end of a few minutes of continuous pulverization. This cannot occur with the bottle of AIRosol because it is pressurized with ordinary air.

Q18 Can Dri-Wash' N Guard® be applied to a roof of car covered with vinyl?

R Yes and not. Dri-Wash' N Guard® is not one cleaning for vinyl, but it can nevertheless clean it and protect it without damaging it. However, it is difficult to wipe Dri-Wash' N Guard® in the small grooves of deeply granulous vinyls. If it is used on vinyl, do not let it dry before wiping surface. Always test on a non apparent section before applying the product to leather or vinyl.

The roofs covered with vinyl and leather upholsterings will find the glare of the nine with the TREATMENT FOR the LEATHER AND VINYL of Dri-Wash' N Guard® which you can get near any distributor independent of the products of DWG International.

Q19 And what to say vinyl mouldings and trimmings of vinyl or leather doors, stuffed dashboards, tires, etc?

R Consult question 18. It is almost impossible to polish a vehicle with Dri-Wash' N Guard® without putting some a little on a vinyl moulding, a rubber edge or stop of avoid-shock, a mirror paints with a matt emulsion paint, a moulding of pane or a windscreen wiper. It is enough to wipe it before it dries.

Q20 I noticed that droplets of Dri-Wash' N Guard® infiltrate in the slits formed by the panels of the doors, the trunk and the cap. Is it detrimental to leave them there?

R No. This kind of excessive vaporization is inevitable. These droplets can be wiped any time, even several months later.

Q21 Is it really impossible to burn painting with a waxing machine by using Dri-Wash' N Guard®? Which number of revolutions is most desirable?

R There is nothing impossible, but to burn painting you will have to really work very hard. Under standard conditions, such burns cannot occur. Surface becomes simply too much slipping and smooth to create friction necessary and necessary heat to burn painting.

Cirrous orbital or at variable speed 1,500 rpm or less will do the work. It is a question of not waxing with the edge of the plug, but of using, as far as possible, all surface. Move the waxing machine well by carrying out circular motions which overlap, while maintaining the apparatus supported against the surface.*

Q22Do you have other councils of polishing to give?

R There is not single method being appropriate for all the situations. A waxing machine will not do anything more or better for painting that manual polishing. Ensure you however to equip the waxing machine with a cap in mousse.*

Q23 Can Dri-Wash' N Guard® with its exclusive formula PolyGuard-3® remove marks made by other products?

R Yes. But you must polish in the direction opposed to the lines which the marks form or print a circular motion.

Q24 Which has to be the force of the jet?

R Quantity is not necessarily synonymous with quality. To pulverize with long circular motions, and by holding the bottle with at least 12 in. surface.

Q25Can I use other types of fabric to apply Dri-Wash' N Guard®?

RThe only mode of application which is recommended is the foam cap used with a waxing machine.

Q26Does we have to use Dri-Wash' N Guard® when it is still wet, or to wait until it is completely dry?

R Normally that does not have importance, but whenever painting is in a very bad state (dry, rough, oxidized) it is preferable to immediately remove the product before passing to the following zone.

Q27How many washings and polishings without water I then to wait of a bottle of Dri-Wash' N Guard®?

R If One takes a new compact vehicle like illustration, the applicator AIRosol 8 ounces should give you 4 polishings, panes included/understood. As for the refill of 3òz, it should provide approximately 16 applications; while you can reach approximately 34 applications of the refill of 69-OZ.

Obviously, more the vehicle is large, or more painting is deteriorated, , more you will use of Dri-Wash' N Guard®. But do not forget-not: " a little can much "!

Q28 In spite of the fact that Dri-Wash' N Guard® is very durable, how much time should one carry out a new application so that a vehicle continues to have proud pace?

RTo keep painting this incredible aspect of depth and brightness and to maintain surface as smooth as porcelain, a monthly application is recommended. Naturally, that depends on the color and the condition of painting and the atmospheric conditions. Normally, apply again the product all the 2 or 3 months.

Q29 Up to what point is Dri-Wash' N Guard® economic?

R If a bottle of 32 ounces Dri-Wash' N Guard® gives 16 cleanings or polishings, you obtain an economy since it costs some to you hardly more than $2,00 each times. To compare that with cost $25 to $50 that it would cost some to you to make clean your vehicle. But in addition to the savings in money, a bottle of 32 ounces will save more than 2,000 gallons of water, an irreplaceable resource.

Q30 Can Dri-Wash' N Guard® be applied without danger to the transparent coatings?

R Absolutely. Dri-Wash' N Guard® was tested in laboratory on each type of painting employed by industry, of the older acrylic lacquers to acrylic paintings with high polyurethane and urethan brightness modern. Correctly applied, Dri-Wash' N Guard® with its exclusive formula PolyGuard-3® is appropriate for all hard nonporous surfaces. Dri-Wash' N Guard® should not be applied in the 90 days after the application of a transparent coating.

Q31 How much time is it necessary to wait before applying Dri-Wash' N Guard® to a vehicle repaints?

R Such any painting industry which the car industry generally observe a period of 90 days waiting for the lately repainted vehicles. This period makes it possible solvents to evaporate painting which can then dry completely. DWG International approves this standard of industry.

Q32 Does Dri-Wash' N Guard® have other uses?

R Dri-Wash' N Guard® can effectively be employed on practically any nonporous surface, of the painting of car and the chromium of cars to the domestic electrical appliances while passing by the jewels. But you can want to test Dri-Wash' N Guard® for the house, and clean-metals of the first quality Dri-Wash' N Guard®.

Q33 Is Dri-Wash' N Guard® with its exclusive formula PolyGuard-3® effective for the boats and fiber glass ?

R Is Dri-Wash' N Guard® with its exclusive formula PolyGuard-3® effective for the boats and glass fibre?

Q34 Does Dri-Wash' N Guard® help to remove the earthy water spots?

R Yes, but only if surface is relatively new or were already treated and if the spots are not encrusted too deeply. Dri-Wash' N Guard® is powerful cleaning, but it is not an abrasive to be rubbed, and it is this kind of product which it is often necessary to make disappear the spots from eat lasts rebels.

Q35 Does Dri-Wash' N Guard® help to protect from the ultraviolet rays (U.V.)?

R Yes, thanks to two special ingredients which help to filter the rays UV But it has there nothing which can completely protect a surface against the exposure to the sun. Just like the solar shields cannot entirely protect the skin counters the sunstrokes, the filters rays U.V. cannot entirely protect the surfaces painted against the decomposition chemically with time.

Q36 Can Dri-Wash' N Guard® make disappear the scratches?

R Yes, if they are minor and light scratches. Dri-Wash' N Guard® will eliminate the small scratches caused by the brushes from many lava-car. The product does not contain any ingredient which can fill more deep and more serious scratches.

To make disappear the small scratches, pulverize the touched zone of a layer of Dri-Wash' N Guard® covering a surface of 12 X 12 in. Place an ordinary waxing machine at high speed, provided with a foam cap, directly on éraflée surface. Put the waxing machine goes all from there while maintaining it in position and make on the spot function it with 1,500 tr/min during 20 seconds. Repeat the operation once, with the needs.*

To use Dri-Wash' N Guard® with a waxing machine at high speed, you must know how you to serve as this kind of apparatus and to relative know the various types of painting to the use of a waxing machine.

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