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Cloutier family genealogy

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Photo : Zéphirin-Pierre Cloutier (1843 - )

and his wife Cécila Marcoux


Also: Surnames Clouthier, Clutier, Clukey, Clukay, Cluckey, Clookey, Clutchey, Nailor, etc, in all of North America and elsewhere.

All have the same ancestors, Zacharie Cloutier and Sainte Dupont who came from France to Quebec, New France, in 1634. For more on the subject, see further below or at: History of the Cloutier family.



For many years, I have been gathering all the information I can get about the Cloutier family. I now have in my database, information on over 18,000 families (10,000 Cloutier husbands, 8,000 Cloutier wives). I am willing to share my data and provide information to the interested searchers.

Many sites post databases using different methods. I find that searching most of the sites is difficult and not very efficient. Rather than post a large data file where the wanted information is elusive, I offer to do your searching for you.

You are searching?

Just provide me with the information you already have on the Cloutier family you are searching and describe what your are searching for. I will respond by e-mail as early as I can. Click here to send me your e-mail.





Family record cards of Zacharie Cloutier and of each of his children:

(To see these cards, you must have Acrobat Reader)

Zacharie - Sainte Dupont

Zacharie - Madeleine Émard
Jean - Marie Martin
Anne - Robert Drouin
Charles - Louise Morin
Louise - François Marguerie
Louise - Jean Mignault
Louise - Jean Mataut


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