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A last blog before PDC

Primates' Miguel, Gonzalo and Lluis are present, or will soon be, at the PDC. I hope they have a good time and blog a lot about it ;-). As for the few unlucky others out there I was told that the same 2.0 beta framework would be included soon in MSDN subscriptions, however Longhorn is only available at PDC - but this is something I can live with.

Can someone bring me back a Mono t-shirt ? I wonder is the sold-out of Mono's t-shirt is somewhat related to the sold-out of the PDC ;-).

Update: John St. Clair tells me that we may see Longhorn soon in MSDN. Let's hope there will be some new API documentation supplied with it...

10/24/2003 21:30:55 | Comments

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