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Stronger results !

Today, when I was coming back from work and looking sadly at the snow, I got a flash - the kind that hurt my feelings but it's still better than being hit by a snowball.

I was thinking about my answer to Miguel's email about strongnaming the Mono's assemblies. I realized that I forgot to talk to him about the special ECMA key that we would need to support before depending on the strongnames. That's where the flash hit me - that damn ECMA key was, most probably, the source of most of my bad strongname verifications!

A quick change to my scangac.exe tool was able to add a new category for assembly using the ECMA key - 00000000000000000400000000000000.

I also took the time to fix the exception that nine assemblies had within my code. Real life .NET assemblies MZ headers aren't all 128 bytes long - whatever the specifications may says.

So the latest results are:

> scangac c:\windows\assembly

Good: 153
ECMA: 38
Bad: 24
Exception: 3

and are exactly like Microsoft's sn would report it :-). I won't claim perfect results - but it's sure a lot better than it looked yesterday!

11/5/2003 23:06:05 | Comments

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