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Long time no blog

Parts of the long time were due to:

  • xmas vacations;
  • my last days working for Motus Technologies;
  • an (wrong) ISP password reset that was far more complicated than required;
  • my first days of work for Novell Ximian.

Vacations were fun (and well planned). My last days at Motus were not like I planned (and definitively not fun for me - and probably much worse for many more people). The password reset was just a remainder that a simple problem can be resolved by many phone calls, many questions and many hours waiting (frustrating - but at least I had time to be ;-) without any added value to the customer or to the service provider. Finally my first days full-time on Mono:: are just monogasmic - which I thought was a new word but it seems I've been beaten to it, let's just hope we share the same definition ;-).

Best luck wishes to all my late co-workers :-( It's been fun!

2/5/2004 23:04:29 | Comments

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