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Living in a managed world

But not just yet...

One of the, let's hope temporary, problem of living in a early managed world is the fact that it is still very difficult to build a complete and useful application without using lots of (sometimes hidden, sometimes in plain sight) unmanaged resources.

Newer (e.g. ClickOnce), sexier (e.g. C#), safer (e.g. CAS)... technologies may appear but their impact won't really register on most radar until their potential can be fully realized outside whitepapers.

Let's choose a totally non-random example (btw I'm truly sorry if you got here by a truly random incident *). The current .NET framework cryptographic support comes from the unmanaged CryptoAPI. No this is not a (totally ;-) bad thing, as CryptoAPI is FIPS 140-2 certified, and has not suffered much security issue in the past (excluding newer CryptoAPI 2 features like X.509 certificates support ;-). However it does add complexity to .NET application deployment as CryptoAPI support varies on different Windows operating system. See Shawn Farkas' blogs Which Cryptographic Operations are Available? for more details.

This is a real problem, and unlike many real world problems, there is a solution because a fully managed implementation is both possible and does actually exists. By now you should have guessed I was to talk about Mono, right ?

So are we going to be living in a managed world ? Well I certainly hope so as it is a lot better sounding than living in a material world ;-)

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3/9/2004 22:36:19 | Comments

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