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According to Shawn Farkas using attributes for strongnaming assembly is coming to an end. While Whidbey will still allow using them, with a CS1699 warning, you'll be invited to use command-line arguments to the compiler.

  • /delaysign+ will replace [assembly: AssemblyDelaySign (true)]
  • /keyfile:file.snk will replace [assembly: AssemblyKeyFile ("file.snk")] and
  • /keycontainer:container will replace [assembly: AssemblyKeyName ("container")].

Yet this isn't completely new as the current Visual Basic compiler, vbc, already had those switches. So in that respect we could say that C# is just catching on ;-)

And Mono:: users shouldn't worry as the /keyfile, /keycontainer and /delaysign options are already part of MCS (post 0.31) but the CS1699 warning isn't - yet.

As for me I never like using attributes for strongnaming so I guess I won't cry over them...

4/15/2004 22:06:05 | Comments

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