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First CAS sample in Mono

I've been working on Mono's Code Access Security (CAS) since being back from vacations. This is, like cryptography, not a very visual-friendly task - but there's still some progress to be shown ;-)

If you compile the following source file...

using System; using System.Security; using System.Security.Permissions; using System.Security.Policy; public class Program { static void Demand (SecurityZone zone) { try { new ZoneIdentityPermission (zone).Demand (); Console.WriteLine ("Zone {0}: GRANTED", zone); } catch (Exception e) { Console.WriteLine ("Zone {0}: {1}", zone, e.GetType ()); } } static public void Main (string[] args) { Demand (SecurityZone.Internet); Demand (SecurityZone.Intranet); Demand (SecurityZone.MyComputer); Demand (SecurityZone.NoZone); Demand (SecurityZone.Trusted); Demand (SecurityZone.Untrusted); Demand ((SecurityZone)128); } }

... you will get the following output using either Microsoft's runtime or Mono (CVS):

Zone Internet: System.Security.SecurityException Zone Intranet: System.Security.SecurityException Zone MyComputer: GRANTED Zone NoZone: GRANTED Zone Trusted: System.Security.SecurityException Zone Untrusted: System.Security.SecurityException Zone 128: System.ArgumentException

Now while we're still a very long way from complete CAS support but this little subset is an important milestone because:

  • it shows that (a least a subset) of the security policy can be resolved;
  • it use the host provided evidences to get the current zone (MyComputer) from which the code is being executed;
  • it works using a partial (assembly-based) stack walk.

Best of all it allows to tests many security classes, like permissions, using different policies - something not easily achievable using NUnit. It also open up the doors for more people to start experimenting with CAS, albeit in a very limited form right now, with the next Mono release (1.1.1).

Still missing...

  • full stack walk - required to support modifiers like Assert, Deny and PermitOnly;
  • support for declarative security (attributes);
  • tests;
  • tools like caspol.exe and permview.exe;
  • more tests;
  • the class librairies audit - to ensure correct security attributes are applied;
  • and even more tests.

8/17/2004 09:32:28 | Comments

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