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Best warning of the month

Well it's early in the month and it's also the first ever of it's category but still it is worth a special mention - seriously!

Strangely I've just been saying on IRC how much I've seen (almost) unspeakable warning and errors from different compilers (and the worse, i.e. less helpful, I've seen came from the ARM C compiler), then I got this:

linkdemand_cast.cs(14,23): warning CS0688: 'Program.Show(string)' has a link demand, but overrides or implements 'Abstract.Show(string)' which does not have a link demand. A security hole may exist. linkdemand_cast.cs(8,23): (Location of symbol related to previous warning)

Security hole? Sure this was just what I was trying to do (bypass a LinkDemand) but the compiler, CSC, was smart enough to warn me about it! (yes Miguel was right again ;-). No need to say that I want the same in MCS :-)

10/1/2004 09:14:46 | Comments

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