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Updates, Upgrades and Migrations

It think the title pretty well describe my last week. First the update to FireFox 1.0. It was an update to some computers and a migration for others (after a really bad spyware attack on one of my home computers).

Then it was time to upgrade my FC1 box to the new shiny Novell Linux Desktop and get GNOME 2.6 (not the latest but still an update ;-), Evolution 2, lots of other goodies and (finally) an easier way to start playing with Beagle (real soon now :-).

And finally the Mono migration"s" from CVS to Subversion. As this last one took a little longer than I expected I choose myself a nice little bug (i.e. the kind were you're sure that all the problems are located in a single file ;-) on friday afternoon. It reminded me the my original ASN.1 class was perfect for manipulating (decoding or encoding) small objects but was a memory monster for bigger structures (specialization has it's virtues) - which kind of spell troubles for implementing the System.Security.Cryptography.Pkcs in framework 2.0. So I started coding a new class, specialized for decoding, ASN.1 (and also fixing the bug ;-).

This brings me to my second computer, running Windows. I normally use it to test .NET code, write unit tests, debug in Visual Studio and read documentation (i.e. as a second screen). However it's also the computer I use when decoding ASN.1 data - making it a bad dependency. I could use Peter Gutmann's dumpasn1.c on Linux but I've grown somewhat attached to it's GUI version. Turns out that the new decoder class can do the same so it only needed it's own GUI.

ASN.1 ? Don't be afraid of it - it got a GUI!

Speaking of the Windows computer I'll probably mess* up with it next week and install Paco's Mono development CD for Windows (complete with a working cygwin). *Don't worry the messing will be mine (I'm big enough to do this myself), not Paco's ;-).

Last minute note: I wonder if the problems on IRC are also caused by updates ? If so mine or theirs ?

11/14/2004 23:05:18 | Comments

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