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GDI+ Scans

Adding path-based regions involves re-writing a lot of existing GdipRegion* functions. However this is done so the actual, rectangle-based, code can co-exist with the new, path-based, code (i.e. yes, we're keeping the existing, working, code in there). Hopefully the new bugs won't affect too much existing applications depending on System.Drawing.dll.

In some case the new code is simpler - or at least simple enough. In other case the new code is more complex, sometimes only because the original code could be so simple, like for GdipGetRegionScans[Count]. Anyway so far I seem quite lucky with the current approach :-)

The original region (in blue) and the scans (in red), representing the
same shape using an array of rectangles, after the matrix is applied.

3/7/2006 22:18:47 | Comments

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